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Thank You for your continued support. There are still several children that need sponsors. Visit here to choose one for you!! Its exciting to have another opportunity to see how God provides through YOU when a need arises such as this one! Thank you for investing in the lives of these children and youth who would otherwise be likely hungry, hopeless and feeling forgotten. Go HERE to see what you can do! Here's another way you can help! These are such basics in our world but huge upgrades for these kids.

Join hands with us! June Team Trip! Two board members, Bryan Klinchuch and Eleanor Meyers will be leading that team trip. They will be checking in on the kids, bringing your packages and letters to them. We are also hoping to have the new T-shirt design finished soon to unveil to you all soon. We will communicate the needs of that trip as it draws closer.

While some of the intricate details of the trip are still being worked out we need to get the word out now. We are in a bit of pinch here to raise some last minute funds to off set the expenses of this trip. Tickets had already been purchased for the previously scheduled trip and those will carry over for Julie in the spring. Hopefully some of you can spare a bit here and there to help us off-set the cost of this last minute trip.

We will be spending several days at each of the schools and we will be exploring some options for longer team trips and places to stay really close to the schools. If you live near Winston Salem, NC and want to drop your package off email us directly and we can provide you with an address to drop it off to. Please try to remember this when buying and filling a package. Please don't forget this! Please try to avoid heavy books!

Sponsor Letters: Yesterday, Tuesday, letters and pictures from your sponsored kids were mailed out to you. You will get new ones around Christmas after the team comes back home in November. Thank you again everyone and we appreciate all your support, love and prayers as we gather and support these amazing and beautiful children in the TMHU program. May Alteryx is a company that leads in self-service data analytics.

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We want to thank Alteryx community. We are working on plans now that involve the potential of partnering with Hope Vision and expanding and combining their outreach with ours with a new senior school, playing fields, medical post and more. It will be life changing for all involved! Thank you, Alteryx! Head over to our Projects Page to find out more and to give towards our goal!

Sponsors WILL be able to pack and send with the team a gallon-size zip-loc bag for each child that they sponsor. More details to come in our next newsletter.

Take My Hand (SSA with Violin)

March 20, I adore this photo! Ivan is wearing the hat and blue t-shirt. Missing Racheal. Diana, Kellen, Sorange.

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Missing Fred, Sylvia. We have a new address! It's almost Christmas in Uganda! Follow the link to the Project Page to see exactly how to do that. I think this is going to be a fun series.

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View all 21 comments. Jun 13, vacatedboat rated it liked it. I was swept up in her settings and her characters and just really enjoyed her writing style. This is true for me, at least. City girl is left a letter that is overly sentimental, considering she had no emotional relationship with the deceased. Was it to fill pages? To add drama? I really respect Vaun as an author and will definitely keep reading her work. View all 15 comments. May 22, Joc rated it really liked it Shelves: businesswoman , ranch-farm-country , artist-musician , cops-agents , small-town , veterinarian , explicit-content , lesbian , romance.

This is the first story in a collaborative series called A Pine Cone Romance about three women, Clay, Grace and Trip, who have been best friends since school living in Pine Cone, Georgia. Any recommendations? On arriving in Pine Cone she crashes her car and needs to be towed by the only tow-truck in town owned by the androgynously attractive, Clay Cahill. Vaun has an amazing ability to describe the environment without going into long, descriptive passages. I can see the streets, feel the weather and know what the houses look like and that give me a greater sense of immersion in the story.

I enjoyed reading this. It was a light, easy and quick read with a little bit of angst and a moment of life-threatening drama. Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review. View all 13 comments. Jun 05, Lexxi Kitty rated it really liked it Shelves: setting-state-georgia , setting-country-usa , job-shop-owner , setting-continent-north-america , x-and-a-quarter-stars , job-artist , theme-small-town , reviewed , arc , netgalley.

Both of whom have a point of view in this book. Well River found out first hand, when she nearly rear-ended some horses in a horse trailer , swerved to avoid the truck, and slammed into a hair-saloon. That phone played a lot of key pivotal plot points in this book seriously, first the accident, later a pivotal moment when the phone was left, unlocked, near another person as if they wanted that other person to read the phone WTF was that about?

The second major character appeared when she wandered up to check on River.

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  8. To provide help, and stuff. River, dazed as she was, still seemed to vaguely respond to the rather obvious to those who knew her flirtatious advances of. Trip was a major character but not the other main character. The quite attractive woman began asking River questions about the accident.

    I do not recall, now, if she also flirted, but it was obvious she was also a lesbian. This would also be a major but not main character. Grace the police officer. By the time another lesbian was introduced after several other women bounced around asking if River needed help , I was beginning to think two things: this small town in Georgia was filled entirely with women, and there was a good possibility that all of them were lesbians. Who River drooled over.

    The tow-truck driver was Clay — the same Clay I already mentioned in the first paragraph as being the other main and point of view character. They seem to hit it off. A distinct chilly sensation developed, though, noticeable to River after she revealed this information.

    Right, so — those are the characters. Clay is an artist who had a bad experience in New York. River is in Pine Cone because the aunt she never really had anything to do with family issues died and gave River her car, house, and art gallery. I had a few issues with enjoying the book: there was no separation for the point of view changes, one paragraph could follow Clay, one could follow River, and there was neither rhyme nor reason for when the change would occur — though it was always obvious a change had occurred.

    Problem three: wined was used once when whined was intended yes, I noticed that one specific mistake, heh. The last problem is more major, but I got around it well enough. When the book suddenly turned into a crime drama for no explainable reason. When that crime drama started. I liked how everything unfolded, though, so. The characterization was good, the romance was. I was intrigued and entertained. Good quick easy read. Rating: 4. View 2 comments.

    Jun 08, Rosi rated it really liked it. Well, this book of the Pine Cone Romance trilogy, which can be read independently from each other and without needing to follow a specific order, describes the relationship between Clay, a painter who is in a phase of lack of inspiration due to a past betrayal, and River, the owner of an art gallery in New York that arrives in Pine Cone to take over her aunt's inheritance. Sure there are many topics in the story, there may be a lack of interaction beyond the instantaneous attraction and the conv Well, this book of the Pine Cone Romance trilogy, which can be read independently from each other and without needing to follow a specific order, describes the relationship between Clay, a painter who is in a phase of lack of inspiration due to a past betrayal, and River, the owner of an art gallery in New York that arrives in Pine Cone to take over her aunt's inheritance.

    Sure there are many topics in the story, there may be a lack of interaction beyond the instantaneous attraction and the convenient relationship between the professions of the two protagonists of this part of the trilogy and so on. But my curiosity to see how this book was related to Take a Chance by D. Jackson Leigh has made me overlook the faults that this story may have.

    And it has really been fun to see from another point of view the same situations described in the two books. In comparison, this one focuses more on the protagonist couple, leaving a little aside the environment that in the book Take a Chance by D. Jackson Leigh is more present and participant. But this has not made this story less interesting to me, my only complaint has perhaps been the final rush at the time of resolving situations and misunderstandings.

    And after reading two of the three books of the trilogy I still think that the authors would have had a great time with this experiment. Although the need to converge some situations may have forced the development of the stories a bit. But this is still a good romance to have a good time reading it. View all 3 comments. Jun 07, Netty rated it liked it Shelves: getting-on-my-tits , chemistry , great-characters , fuckin-hell , a-killer-to-get-through , great-sex , average-romance , boring.

    Recommend for an average romance An ARC was give in exchange for an honest review. View all 5 comments. Jun 05, Arien rated it it was ok Shelves: boring , lesbian-romance , why-is-it-rated-so-high. ARC received from Netgalley for a fair review. I didn't connect with the characters. Their connection is purely on a physical level at first and I didn't feel that it went past it as much as I wanted to.

    They're together because they are both hot but that's pretty much it. Furthermore, a lot of things are too convenient in this book, the gallery owner thing, the small town background, New York, etc. They were made for each other quite literally because the author made them so and it's ARC received from Netgalley for a fair review. They were made for each other quite literally because the author made them so and it's glaringly obvious. The main conflict, the redneck, everything was so standard that I just couldn't enjoy this read.

    More by Matt Berry

    It's technically well written though but that's pretty much the only thing that is going for this book. Can't recommend. View all 4 comments. Jun 15, Gaby LezReviewBooks rated it really liked it. Jackson Leigh and 'Take your time' by V. There are series written by an author that usually need to be read in chronological order, series of standalone novels by different authors under a common theme, and the 'Pine Cone romance' series which is This book is part of the 'Pine Cone romance' series by three different authors: 'Take my hand' by Missouri Vaun, 'Take a chance' by D. There are series written by an author that usually need to be read in chronological order, series of standalone novels by different authors under a common theme, and the 'Pine Cone romance' series which is a bit peculiar.

    Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) [Official Music Video]

    In this series the three different authors decided to create three romances one in each book but with the three stories overlapping. For example, if the three friends share a scene, it will appear in all three books but with a different point of view. Jackson Leigh says in her acknowledgements that it was arduous to write. Well, sometimes it's also arduous to read. I personally found some issues, one is that after reading the first book whichever the order the reader has sometimes a sense of deja vu, a feeling of having read that before because It works fine in some scenes as it gives other characters' perspectives but in other cases it is tedious.

    Also, some events that overlap in the books give information that act as spoilers for the other books' stories which is a bit annoying. Finally, I found that there are a number of unresolved secondary plots which are main plots in the other books, so in order to grasp the full story, you need to read all the series.

    So I guess readers can rate each book separately but also the series as a whole. Due to these problems appear throughout the series, you'll see some of my comments repeated in the other reviews. She goes back to her hometown of Pine Cone, Georgia working as a tow truck driver for her grandfather. River Hemsworth is a gallery owner in New York who inherited a local gallery and a house in Pine Cone. Her plan is to sell the property fast and go back to NY but when she meets Clay after a minor car accident she cannot deny her attraction. But Clay holds too many secrets and River is settled in NY.

    Will they have their happily ever after? This is a rather formulaic romance between stoic butch Clay and damsel in distress femme River. There's no doubt where the plot takes us with exception of a small twist near the end. Vaun knows how to build the main characters' chemistry and the intimate scenes are hot. The secondary characters are a bit flat but the clash of cultures between North and South USA is well written. However, the resolution of the conflict seems rushed and the story could have done with a few more chapters to wrap it up better.

    Overall, an ok butch-femme romance read set in a small town in Georgia. ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. See all my reviews at www.

    Our Passion. Your Day.

    View all 6 comments. Great read! This is the first book in The Pine Cone trilogy. A trilogy written by three different authors. The plot of this first one flowed beautifully and I loved how the whole story progressed. A great tale of love and close friendship between 3 women. This first book has me hooked immediately and I am curious to the other 2 books. Well done! Jun 17, MJS rated it liked it. ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I put that aside though, since I knew it was a trilogy. No points for guessing how it ends.

    The main characters do spend a bit of time together and they actually talk to each other, which was refreshing. But their romance was very insta-love. The friendship between Clay, Trip, and Grace was nice, but needed more backstory. Aug 18, Agirlcandream rated it really liked it Shelves: bsb , romance , small-town , arc , butch-femme. Sweet small town romance, the first of a series featuring three best friends from Pine Cone, Georgia.

    I like the way Missouri Vaun writes and felt like I got to know the folks in Pine Cone in just a few short scenes.

    This is a quick read and a simple enough romance with the expected attraction followed by misunderstandings quickly resolved followed by some fairly steamy make-up sex. There is drama which pulls our two mains together and our hoped for HEA. The southern charm is front and center in Take My Hand and as River Hemsworth discovers, the locals are warm and welcoming. ARC received with thanks from publisher via NetGalley for review. Artist, Clay has returned home after a disastrous relationship in New York that had threatened her passion for her painting.

    River is visiting Pine Cone to get her aunts affairs in order after her death. She wants to get in and out of Pine Cone fast and back to her art studio in New York. Well hell, I think I have found my new lesfic heart throb… Clay Cahill is a protagonist that every butch character should be built upon. The moment I read her profile on the page I was hooked and the moody, withdrawn from the world attitude also really got me. And as much as she tried to resist her feelings, you could feel the chemistry emanate of the page every time they were together.

    River was the opposite, she wears her heart on her sleeve and shows her attraction to Clay openly, this gave the perfect balance and really made their falling in love much more exciting. The chemistry between both River and Clay is off the charts and their sex scenes were just plain hot! What I love about a new series is getting to know the characters that are carried through in each book. As with Take My Hand, you get to know Clays best friends, Trip and Grace, who are the main protagonists for the next two book in the series.

    Best part of this new series is its unusual twist, each book in the series is written by a different author and all the authors have worked together to get each backstory seamless. This includes interactions that take place in each book but from different protagonists point of view. It's rather genius and I have read the next book and can confirm the characters interactions are seamless View 1 comment.

    Jul 24, Det. Nidhi rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Take My Hand is the first book in the Pine Cone series which is a collaboration between three authors. This particular book is written by Missouri Vaun. I've read her sci fi books and they were great. So obviously I hoped for a lot from this book. While it did meet most of my expectations I found that lacking in some areas.

    River Hemsworth is an art enthusiast who owns a Gallery who has to come to pinecone in order to deal with her Aunt's property which has been willed to her. So yeah this is the setting. I have read a lot of books with a similar story line, as recently as 3 months ago. So I don't expect much in terms of plot development. It almost always ends with the city girl falling in love with the small town and staying back.

    What I do expect is a decent read which is worth spending time on. That was provided by this book. This is sad really, it happened with the the series Arrow where so many other shows of DC universe were introduced and the show had to compromise in terms of plot development. Now lemme harp about the characters. Meet River, the generic nice girl. God she was so nice to people around her and I found that both endearing and annoying. While she wasn't exactly a pushover, she wasn't a dominant personality either.

    Again I don't know much about her other than the fact that she had a conservative upbringing which might explain a lot but not really. Then there's clay, the tall dark and handsome artist extraordinaire, who is kinda annoying at the beginning but I liked her a lot by the time the book ends. Yeah she jumps into conclusions, but she has her own reasons. I still don't know where exactly she started liking River.

    I mean she pretends to not acknowledge her in the beginning,and avoids her like the plague for a while and suddenly she's running around watching sunsets with her? I don't buy it.


    The events escalated so quickly! And I was surprised. I kinda knew there was going to be something but when it actually happened it was fun. That was some good stuff. And also, I kinda loved the other two women, Grace and Trip and I can't wait to read their respective books. This is a good book. Not too angsty, not too cheesy, just perfect in the middle. My rating: 3. Jun 14, Stephanie rated it liked it. Solid 3 star rating I liked it.

    Perhaps, if I hadn't read several of Vaun's other works, it might be a little higher. It's hard going into a book expecting a certain something My biggest complaint was the "catalyst episode" that brings our two MCs together. It just felt inserted. Not really part of the rest of the story. She tried to make it seem so This to me, tainted the rest of the book. There were moments of raw emotion where you saw exactl Solid 3 star rating There were moments of raw emotion where you saw exactly where you wanted the story to go So, nice read, I liked it. I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    May 29, Dr E rated it liked it. Lovely romance that oozes Southern charm. You can taste the fried green tomatoes and feel the heat in the air.