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Alternate Covers:. Dodson Variant. Ultimate Comics Doom Vol 1 1. Joe Quesada. Cover Artist. Brian Michael Bendis. Rafa Sandoval. Roger Bonet. Matthew Wilson. Joe Caramagna. Mark Paniccia Sana Amanat. Previous Issue. I was entertained, which is all I really ask from any of these things. The reason I'm only giving it four stars, though, is really the artwork. I'm not saying the art is totally bad, but it does seem a bit rushed and inconsistent most of the time, often to the point of distraction, at least for this reader. So by all means, give this a go if you're looking for a nice hour-or-so of widescreen superhero distraction.

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Oct 25, B. It is a very good comic for what it established and at least one precedent from this comic survived Secret Wars. This storyline spanned across three different mini-series and it detailed the end of the Ultimate Fantastic Four and the rise of the Ultimate Universes vers I read this during the Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand event. This storyline spanned across three different mini-series and it detailed the end of the Ultimate Fantastic Four and the rise of the Ultimate Universes version of Roxxon.

The one thing that has survived into the current Marvel Comics Universe is that Ultimate Reed Richards turns out to be evil and started going by the name The Maker. So I can recommend this to the curious for being one of the better reads from the now-defunct Marvel Ultimate Universe. Aug 29, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: comics , read-in , graphic-novels. I didn't hate it. Now, don't get me wrong, I still think that the Ultimate universe is starting to border on ridiculous.

If you want to change every single character or give them an entirely new back story, then maybe you should just come up with new characters. It's just a thought. He's also in love with Sue. Sue falls in love right back, and proposes to Ben at the end of the book. Sooo, yeah. A little different. I couldn't stop myself from turning the pages. It wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be, it was just I think if you are a fan of the Ultimate line, you will definitely like this.

Even if you're not, you might still enjoy it like I did.

Ultimate Comics Doomsday (Hardcover)

View all 4 comments. Feb 17, Aydin rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics , favorites. This book is my entire heart and soul. I read it about twice a year and love it every time. For a plot-thick event, the characters are This book is my entire heart and soul.

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For a plot-thick event, the characters are given stellar attention and internality, particularly Sue Storm. The whole of the Ultimate Fantastic Four are made far more interesting than they ever were in their own series save for Johnny Storm, forgivably, as he's gotten considerable spotlight in Ultimate Spider-Man. Sandoval's art is dynamic and lovely.

Characters' long hair is always flowing nonsensically like a solid mass in a nonexistent wind, but I happen to love the effect. The colors are rich and beautiful. All around, one of my favorite crossover events of all time. Aug 11, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: completed-series. I thought I read this back in August But I just read it the last two weeks or so, and nothing was familiar about it.

So, a brand new review for the second time, 12 issues of adventure in the Marvel Ultimate Universe, bound together in one glorious hardback for your reading enjoyment: Ultimate Spider-woman Jessica Drew is investigating Roxxon Corporation, the evil company responsible for her creation, when half the building is engulfed in a mutant tentacle-blob. Nick Fury disg Interesting. Nick Fury disguised, presumed dead, and deep undercover is attacked by an armored alien.

Spiderman is attacked, and Reed Richards, his home, and his family are all destroyed by an unknown assailant. Thus begins twisty, multidimensional search across the Ultimate Marvel universe s for the source of the attacks on the world's most brilliant minds, and a way to end the threat.

A good tale, but you need to be familiar with the Marvel Ultimate universe in order to get the most enjoyment out of it. Cute little "cameo" by the original Nick Fury. Mar 16, N! V3K rated it it was amazing. Holy fucking shit wow!! After that atrocious story line we all know as Ultimatum I swore never to read an Ultimate comic again except for X-Men. Reed Richards, seriously, fuck you! Why the fuck didn't you just leave this leave this fucking dimension and go live in another one? This just proves Holy fucking shit wow!! This just proves that you don't give broken people powerful minds, they will eventually snap and destroy stuff.

That's the way of the world, sadly. This is a good comeback for the Ultimate Marvel team after Ultimatum and I liked it a lot!

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Anyway, five stars, bitches! They deserve it! May 19, Dlotempio rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels. Your mileage may vary. Apr 29, Frans Karlsson rated it really liked it Shelves: comics-ultimate-spiderman , comics-ultimates , comics-ultimate-fantastic-four. Someone is trying to kill the Fantastic Four, Spider-man and Fury and it leads to a hunt to both survive and catch the culprit. Sep 30, Xavi Marturet rated it really liked it Shelves: comic-book. What a job did Rafa here! Jul 29, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: comics-graphic-novels , au.

Wanted to give it a higher score but the end was messy and unsatisfying. Good character work and I liked the use of Jessica. Oct 16, Martin rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. I'm not reading a transcript of a sitcom, am I? Sometimes feels like it I'm pretty sure by cutting down on useless splash pages and toning down the banter between characters, 8 or 9 issues would have been plenty. And make it Don't get me wrong, I like Bendis and his stories, jus not the whole comedy shtick that he feels is a necessary part of most of his books. Seems like this book had a lot of things going against it, no?

Sure, they're not identical, but I find they're similar in style. And the colouring was really well done! And not a C-lister either; no no, we're talking about one of the most recognizable comic book characters ever created. Why can't the "regular" Marvel Universe have something like that happen to it and not get reversed six months later? You know, shake things up!

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Big things happening, involving different corners of the Ultimate Universe, with I hope lasting repercussions. It's sort of the missing link between "Ultimatum" and Jonathan Hickman's "Ultimates" run. I'm curious, though, as to where it fits in regards to Millar's "Ultimate Avengers" run. Maybe someone has an idea This book gets 3 stars, but it could've gotten 4, if all the unnecessary CRAP stuff had been left out and the number of splash pages had been toned down. Nov 27, Justin rated it really liked it.

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Ever since the disastrous Ultimatum event, I've been waiting for someone anyone to pick up the pieces of the Ultimate Marvel Universe and get the characters back into circulation. Fortunately Brian Michael Bendis and artist Rafa Sandoval were up for the task, and did it in style with Ultimate Comics: Doomsday, which ran the course of three consecutive 4-issue limited series Ultimate Comics: Enemy, Mystery and Doom , all of which are collected in this surprisingly slim hardcover.

Bendis starts Ever since the disastrous Ultimatum event, I've been waiting for someone anyone to pick up the pieces of the Ultimate Marvel Universe and get the characters back into circulation. Bendis starts this mammoth undertaking with a massive attack on the Ultimate Universe's scientific resources - the homes of Reed Richards and Spider-Man, the Baxter Building and others.

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  • Bendis sets the story up pretty well, and keeps us in the dark as to the true villain for quite a while. The big reveal and it's pretty big is controversial to say the least, and left a bad taste in my mouth, but it also made for a hell of a story. Bendis has a way with dialogue, and he definitely took a fresh look at the Fantastic Four dynamic while at the same time looking back at past Ultimate Universe events. The artwork for this series was also impressive.

    Ultimate Comics Doomsday Ultimate Comics Doomsday Doomsday

    I had never seen Sandoval's work before, but he has a good style that's somewhere between Stuart Immonen and Steve McNiven. It's very stylized and very dynamic. It was a little too cartoony at times, but for the most part worked well with the story. The first collection of those series has arrived in the form of Ultimate Comics Doomsday HC and it's an odd beast.

    The best way that I can describe the story is that it's the Ultimate version of Avengers: Disassembled , but on a larger scale. Most of the story consists of the heroes trying to combat a unknown force whose motives are unnecessarily clear. The villain of the story is also a familiar face that has turned to the dark side; however, the folks that designed the hardcover spoil this reveal in the credits section.

    While Bendis provides some insight into the villain's motives, it still seems like a sudden shift in tone for the character. Another thing about the writing is Bendis' handling of the Ultimates. For most of the series, the Ultimates are away because of an "off-world mission. There's a chance that if the team had a more active role in the series, the story would have been shorter in length. There's also a secret computer that no one knows about except a S.

    D agent that's not named Nick Fury or Sharon Carter.