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In an attempt to boost the performance of the Spitfire Mk1 in May , RAe scientists including Hayne Constant developed a 'propulsive duct'. This was in essence a simple ram jet, fed by petrol, utilising the Meredith effect.

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Bench tests showed that the increase in speed was not significant and the device was not flight tested. In the idea was reconsidered as a counter to the threat of the V1. Aircraft such as the Hawker Tempest and Gloster Meteor were not widely available and the Spitfire would only be able to intercept in a diving attack. Baxter and C.

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Smith at Farnborough reviewed the work and concluded that it was practical but problems with drag and pressure loss were encountered and the V1 had been beaten before they were solved. Due to the many differences in production Spitfires, performance could vary widely, even between aircraft with the same Mark number. Factors such as weight, external fittings, airframe and engine condition, among others, influenced how an aircraft performed.

For example, even relatively minor damage on the wing leading edges could drastically reduce top speed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most L. Harvey-Bailey , p. This overboost condition was sustainable for five minutes and was in use from March Price , p. Air International Vol 15 No 4, October pp. Supermarine Spitfire. Aircraft produced by Supermarine. Type Supermarine B. Mitchell Joe Smith. Rolls-Royce Limited aero engines.

Supermarine Spitfire variants: specifications, performance and armament

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Sam Mollard's 30 years on the bench has earnt praise and admiration from colleagues, and even a "fan letter" from one defendant for his "very human understanding" of the law. Photo: The single-seat Spitfires were critical in fending off Hitler's bombing raids over England in Supplied: WikiPhotos.

Photo: Alongside its compatriot the Hurricane, the Spitfires were able to outperform their German adversaries in the Battle Of Britain. Photo: Mr McNeill has spent hours sourcing original parts, including the cockpit dials from a museum in the UK.

Rare full-scale replica of a WWII Spitfire is taking shape in a Hobart shed

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Here's what to look for This man has been in a vegetative state for 11 years. France has now ruled he can die Want to upgrade your phone? Connect with ABC News. The restoration process of the Spitfire included a historically accurate approach and rebuilding of numerous parts Credit: Mark One Partners. The Spitfire was forced down in , was found in , flew again in , and finally was auctioned by Christie's for charity on July 9, Credit: Christie's. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email.

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