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In the same way, the section of wood so riven was split again and again until each split was thin enough. There was a crash of riven timbers, the crunching ring of metal, quick oaths, a cry. Being well aware of this, they all held their peace while he landed on a spur of the riven cliff.

The tree of her protection can never be riven by the lightning, nor broken by the blast. Beneath spreading trees, were a dozen or more diminutive houses, with latticed sides and roofs of riven oak boards.

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Nearby words rivalrous , rivalry , rivals, the , rive , rivel , riven , river , river basin , river birch , river blindness , river bugging. What's worse is that the Age was created and is ruled over by Atrus' twisted and deluded father Gehn, who sees himself as a god, and who has now imprisoned Catherine.

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At the beginning of the game, you meet Atrus again who assigns you to the age of Riven with the goal to capture Gehn in a book that was specifically designed for this task, and to rescue Catherine. Atrus opens the descriptive book to Riven and it soon becomes apparent that Riven is unlike the previous ages you have visited.

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The gateway image is badly distorted and it turns out Atrus is stuck writing in corrections to Riven's book to delay Armageddon due to Gehn's abysmal writing skills. The instant you link to Riven, you trigger a trap and become stuck in a booth behind bars, and lose your trap book after a nearby guard demands it. The guard in turn ends up being hit by a tranquilizer dart and falls asleep.

A rebel scout takes the trap book, frees you, and runs off.

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Now, stuck in Riven without your trap book, you must regain the trap book and find a way to lead Gehn into it. With Gehn safely in the prison and Catherine free , you must then signal Atrus who will come with a linking book to bring everyone back home. A fan-made Updated Re-release is in the works to recreate the game in a fully 3D engine. It's called The Starry Expanse Project. Unlike many large-scale fan works, this one has the blessing of the original creators, so it has a better than average chance of eventually being released.

This game provides examples of:

Community Showcase More. In , he decided to take his career a step further and over the borders. After many years of polishing his productions, he had his first release in on Hush Recordz, followed by releases on My Favourite Freaks and Cubism. In, Daniel Stefanik and many others. Riven has often been referred to as being a DJ that can take over the crowd with his dark hypnotic synth and bass lines at peak time as well as at the after-party throughout the entire night and longer.