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I gave Helga my outdated 8-page CV and she came back with an outstanding new CV which I am proud to put into the market place. Excellent highlighting of my skills and removal of duplicate data etc! Value for money and would not hesitate to recommend her. I just wanted to say many thanks for the CV. I waited a week or so torespond as I wanted to see how the take up was when applying for jobs. I mustsay it has been a revelation, I am being called back within hours applying -and all feedback has been that I am one of the best profiles they have seen.

What is a Resume Objective?

I found Helga to be a true professional with up-to-the-minute job market insight. Extremely easy to work with, her knowledge of careers and excellent writing skills ensure a first-class service. Worth the investment. Highly recommended. Helga took the most salient points and developed a LinkedIn profile forme from my new CV. I certainly haven't regretted the investment and would do it again any time. Well done Helga. Helga recently rewrote my CV and I was very impressed with her attention to detail, prompt delivery time and quality of content. I cannot thank her enough and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyonewho needs career advice.

Responsive,flexible and insightful, Helga went above and beyond my expectations. Sheprovided an impressive work, adding a big value to both my cv and my LinkedInprofile. Helga has been available, accurate and attentive to my needs, ensuringthat I had the support I needed. Her work is a worthy investment. She is highly professional, punctual and a pleasure to work with on the CV Clinic. Thank you for the time you took to work on my CV to ensure I was completely happy. I never thought my CV could look so professional. I will use your services again for applications and interview prep.

I am very pleased with the quality of your services. Helga updated my CV and I was so impressed I asked her to work on my profile. Her organizing helped me to clear my career and personal vision. I found her to be very friendly and efficient. The result helped me get noticed and increased my CV value. Thanks so much for this - it's perfect! I couldn't have got even close to this quality without your input. Your company name is well chosen! I was very impressed to see the finished product, the layout was easy on the eye, and the flow of the CV enabled recruiters to see at first glance my abilities, competences and experience.

The wording, structure and layout have enhanced my marketability and I would strongly recommend you. Helga combined two CVs. Her input made the difference between having a handful of interested organisations to the flood gates opening! I was inundated with interviews and offers of exciting jobs.

Awesome Blue Resume Design Tutorial in Microsoft Word (Silent Version) - CV Designing

I put this down to Helga turning my CV into a format that head hunters and executive search agents look for. Thanks very much for the latest CV. I think it's as close to perfection as I wanted it to be. I shall recommend your services to friends of I who might need your expertise. This have been helpful for clients looking to make the transition from a permanent role to an Interim position. The quality of her work has always been first class. I was immediately impressed with your website and its' content. The opportunity to speak with you about my concerns prior to placing the order was key to sealing the deal!

Your aim was to "reduce the number of pages from 5 to 2. Thank you for your professionalism and advice. Helga does a great job writing a Perfect CV. She is very attentive and easy-to-get-along-with. Her recommendations are very beneficial, and she improved my CV's content and layout. The innovative design and communication techniques generated extra value to my CV.

When Should You Use a Resume Objective?

I honestly cannot recommend Helga enough. She spun my cv so skilfully,in just 2 months of job searching, I got an amazing job that matched perfectlymy academic background and experience! I am very impressed with her work. She has significantly improved my CV and LinkedIn profile. My CV still outlines the job activities and responsibilities that I had submitted to Helga in my personal draft but her selection of wording, the articulation of accomplishments and addition of value propositions gives my CV the professional edge that was missing and makes it easy to read.

Getting professional help from Helga is definitely a good investment in your career. Helga operates as her business name suggests: perfectly. She is very engaging and quick to identify an opportunity, which means her CV delivery is not just a superficial visual tool but something more personal. She draws excellence from good and displays a significant level of professionalism. She has the unique ability to capture every important detail, and ensure the CV promotes and showcases strengths, skills and accomplishments.

14 Tips for Writing a Rockstar Resume

She positions clients strategically in their market to optimise the best job opportunities. Helga is certainly one of the best in her field and is totally focused upon exceeding your expectations. Following up from great reviews from colleagues, I asked Helga to writemy CV. She tuned in straight away to my career, and used her insight into mytarget job to create a perfect CV. Helga is very supportive and encouraging. Importantly, she has the writing skills to capture reader attention in thefirst 10 seconds.

Helga does an amazing joband delivers CVs that get you noticed. She is professional, attentiveandapleasure to work with. The website was very professional. It gave me confidence in thefinished article. I was happy that Helga knewmy job sector. Helga does an amazing job and delivers CVs that get you noticed.

Helga is professional, attentive and a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble.

Step #2. Download a resume template

I had previously used a CV writing service and been disappointed. My CV was not getting enough attention. Helga restructured my CV to look more "Professional" and "Eye catching", The moment I put it on Job sites it started to create waves of interest from potential employers. I will always recommend Helga's professional services to my colleagues. Helga is a prolific writer and a very astute business person. She is professional and personal aiding her client's achieve their objectives.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services. Warm greetingsfrom Swissotel Beijing.

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Thank you for my updated CV - you've integrated thenew, yet kept the CV succinct. My colleague took his CV to bed he was so impressed. Now you have completed mine I understand why, and I've recommended you to colleagues throughout Lloyds. When the word got out I'd need a CV, your name was recommended six times! Having received my CV, I know why - the presentation is so professional, and you've captured all my skills and experience. I am pleased to tell you I have been successful in joining Tesco and am now in my second week of training. Your CV helped me to get a foot in the door and I am very glad I used your service.

Helga has done an excellent job - turning my old basic CV into something that makes me feel proud of my career accomplishments.

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Certainly, I am more confident of taking new challenges with the CV at my side. Highly recommended for anyone looking to update their CV. I have had the pleasure of working with Helga on many occasions and find her CV writing professional - she produces outstanding results. Thank you for my perfect CV - the quality of jobs the CV has opened for me is awesome!

Last night I emailed my CV to quite a few agencies and all have replied wanting interviews with me, all due to my CV. Helga has the professional capability, writing skills and job market expertiseto deliver exactly what you are looking for to achieve your career objectives. I have worked with Helga on two occasions and she delivered great results. Recruiters are often flooded with resume submissions and have to carefully source and identify quality candidates in a crowded pack — so make sure your work experience stands out. In most cases, simply listing where you went to school, when you attended and what degree you attained will be sufficient.

This is a catch-all section at the tail end of your resume that allows you to highlight volunteer experience , awards and hobbies. The subject matter of your resume is ultimately what recruiters care about most. A cluttered, visually confusing resume makes it more difficult to read, and therefore more likely that recruiters and hiring managers will cast it aside. On the other hand, a sleek, polished resume will have the opposite effect.

Use these rules of thumb to ensure that your resume looks its best. Want some specific examples? You can find attractive and effective resume templates here and here. You've written your resume, and read it twice, but that's not enough. A good editing job will take a little longer — and some specific tactics meant to catch resume errors. First, don't attempt to edit your resume until it's done. Yes, it can be difficult to leave a glaring error while you move on to write your skills section, but force yourself to finish your resume before you edit it.

You'll save yourself time, and letting go of errors now could help you write a better first draft because you're focusing on the writing itself. You'll be glad you decided to go back and make all the edits at once. Next, never try to edit your resume right after you've written it. In fact, you should give yourself a hour break before editing your resume. With time away, you'll see your resume with fresh eyes and for what it really is—not what you meant it to be.

When you give your resume a read, try reading your resume backward. It sounds odd — and it's not always easy — but reading backward forces you to focus on each word, and helps you better catch both spelling and grammatical errors in the text. Ask a friend or family member to read your resume , too. Another excellent way to brand yourself is to use a layout.

See our resume samples and find a style that speaks to your needs. Students Resume Sample. Students and recent graduates often contend with one major pitfall in the resume-writing process: a shortage of work experience. Whether you are in high school, college or finishing up graduate school, seeing an expanse of white space on your resume can be disconcerting. Want in on a secret? Simply study the job description to see what the employer needs, then include the skills that you have on your resume. See the resume samples for more tips. Final tip: grad students should consider scanning not just our resume samples but our CV templates, as well.

These templates might be more appropriate for academic fields. Customer Service Sample Use our customer service resume sample to cast your work experience in a positive light. Our sample demonstrates the right way to present your most relevant experience. You will also see how to make your applicable skills obvious.

Server Sample The clean appearance of our server resume sample puts your experience in the spotlight and includes a bulleted highlights section that puts both hard and soft skills front-and-center. If you follow that with a well-organized work experience section, then a hiring manager will instantly know if you are right for the role. Executive Assistant Sample Our executive assistant resume sample creates a one-two punch for recruiters. In the experience section, job descriptions show the progression of her duties.

The highlights section provides a list of relevant skills. Data Entry Clerk Sample When you have more than 10 years of professional experience, your resume must showcase your professional growth. Our data entry resume sample does just that with a strong summary statement and a detailed experience section.

Make the top tops Think of the top two sections of your resume as a billboard that displays your most marketable hard and soft skills. Include a summary statement, written in the third person, that serves as your elevator pitch. Your skills section should be in bullet format to lay out your talents at a glance. Our builder helps users create a personalized resume in easy-to-follow steps, allowing you promote their unique skills, experience, and qualifications to win the job.

Instead, it may just overwhelm a busy hiring manager and knock you out of the running. A good guideline to follow is to use one page per 10 years of professional experience.

6 Resume Writing Tips to Write a Stand-out Resume | LiveCareer

How do you write a great introductory sentence to a cover letter? There are two main ways to organize a resume: functional and chronological. Our resume builder allows every user to organize their resume in the format best suited to their personalized needs.