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Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat | Behind The Voice Actors

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat Become a fan. Movie plot tags. Looking for love. Social issues. Las Vegas. Fritz the Cat may have lost one of his lives in the comics, but in his new movie, he has eight more lives left to go! While his wife screams at him, Fritz lights up a joint and reminiscences about what could have been. My rating. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat in the search box below.

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The Vampire Lovers. Army of One. Thanks for commenting! In a way, I kind of like the rough sketchy look in "prime" era Bakshi; they give his films a gritty feel that's very appealing, texture wise. In fact, there are times I sort of wish animation wasn't always so "clean" today, that's one of the few problems I have had with CGI animation: they have trouble doing "grit".

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Sure, you have "dirty" scenes like trash heaps and such like in Wall-E, but it all looks so pretty instead. I hear ya LLJ, Bakshi's films feel like they were made by human hands, they are not commands processed through a computer, the imperfections are what one of the things that makes these films special.

Post a Comment. Fritz the Cat, the comic strip character about a hip cat who comments on society and life, first came to life in the mind of famed underground comic book artist Robert R.

Crumb by the way is a genius of the comic book art form in my book, his style is one that I personally love and admire and actually kind of emulate in my own stuff, so this review comes from a genuine Robert Crumb admirer. Ultimately Crumb completely disassociated himself from this film project, going as far as getting his name legally removed from anything related to the film.

According to Crumb, they only got 7, for the rights! Fritz the Cat cost , to produce but went on to make almost 2 million dollars world wide, making it a bonafide success. What was the big deal with Fritz the Cat? Why did an independent animated film suddenly make so much dough? Well, various factors helped this groundbreaking animated film get noticed, first of them is the fact that it was the first animated film to get the dreaded X-rating.

And while that might have been so at the time that Fritz the Cat was released, it still went on to make a hefty amount of money at the box office and it is still the single most successful independent animated film in history. The most controversial aspect of the film is seeing these cute little cartoon animals smoking weed, shooting up heroin, participating in orgies and murdering people. Never before Fritz the Cat had an animated film been aimed at an adult audience, so this film was ground breaking in that way.

Fritz the the nine lives of fritz the

Fritz the Cat is most certainly a stoner flick; it glorifies pot smoking like very few movies do. Fritz tokes it up and shares the ganja with his girlfriends to get them in the mood. He smokes and goes on these hallucinatory head trips which offer up some of the craziest visuals in the film. I guess every single pot smoking, tripped out hippy went to see this one. Race issues pop up constantly, for example, Fritz hates the way white people have abused blacks through out history, so he goes hangs out with black people and plays pool with them, strikes up philosophical conversations about racism.

It is now considered by Bakshi and his fans, as his masterpiece.

Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat Script

The scene has a bunch of black people hanging out, drinking booze, and talking bull. The conversations in these scenes come off as very realistic because Bakshi actually picked up a bunch of black people and brought them to the studio and just let them talk, he later animated the scenes in accordance to the dialog he recorded, as a result the dialog comes off as vibrant and full of life. Another controversial moment in the film has Fritz joining this group of revolutionaries who want to blow up some kind of factory, these guys are unsavory types only looking to do some damage, they are just violent for the sake of being violent and so Fritz ends up joining them and participating, not realizing his getting into a heap of trouble.

This segment is obviously meant to send a warning. You might be counter culture and you might hate the system, but you have to choose your partners carefully. It is seen by many as simply a cash-in, a film made to capitalize on the success of the first.