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Agrandir Original png, 49k. Agrandir Original png, 15k. Second Revision [FF Communications ]. Helsinki , num. Traduction par VCV, comme pour les citations suivantes originellement en anglais. Helsinki , type Tesoro di cilazioni italiane e straniere di origine letteraria e storica, Milano, , num.

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Taylor op. Johannes Boite, Tubingen, , [, ], p. Arajs, A. O Suilleabhain, R. Nico Schileo, Treviso , p.

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Fumagalli op. Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters, Leipzig Frankfurt am Main, , pp. Daintith, A. Stibbs, E. Wright, D. Pickering, London, , , p. Webb Let Them Eat Cake. Writers against Victorian Values Millbrook et al. Das endgiiltige Satiremagazin, , 12, couverture.

The present copy conforms to Bengesco , in every respect, which is "page by page, line for line like the first edition" except for the "que ce ce fut" error on page , an error which was introduced by Cramer into the early printings, then doubtless not "fixed" as it was correct in the first place. Note that the fleurons agree exactly with Bengesco , as follows: p.

The present copy also agrees with Wade see Voltaire and Candide, , p. Both the above references to Bengesco and Wade show signatures A-N3, meaning they are bound without the Table of Chapters; the present copy, like 7 of the 10 known copies of the first edition, shows signatures A-N6, without the final leaves, N7 a blank and without N8, instructions to the binder concerning the cancellation of two pairs of leaves, B4, B9 and D6, D7. In addition to the above, let us state the textual points in the present copy: page 31 B4 , an unnecessary paragraph break was eliminated.


The words "mais il y a une raison. Pages - signatures F and G are a larger type than the rest of the book. In summation, the present copy agrees with the first edition, except that the "que ce ce fut. This, a wide margined copy, is larger than other copies we have seen at mm x 95 mm; beautifully bound in late 19th Century full tan leather, with raised bands and gilt decoration on spine, with a brown leather lettering piece, marbled end papers, all edges gilt; printed on laid paper.

The text is remarkably clean and bright; a fine copy. Chantreau sowie Reihentitelbll. Brunet V, Ca 35 S. Mit insgesamt gest. Condition: Bon. Douze volumes in-8 x mm , 8 1 - 1 bl. Toute l'Europe y prit part. Twelve 8vo x mm , 8 1 - 1 bl. Bound without the errata leaf of part 6 Minor marginal foxing.

Fine edition given by Voltaire of the works of Corneille. With one frontispice and 34 engravings. Copy of Charles Villette arms on spines and ex libris. Villette was the husband of Reine-Philibert de Varicourt, an adopted daughter of Voltaire. Seller Inventory G Published by Ferney, 4. About this Item: Ferney, 4. Les bourgeois prirent les armes contre eux. Note of debt for the count of S.

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  • Combined with another Mg le duc de virtemberg composeront la somme de deux cent mille livres dont S. Dust Jacket Condition: Bon. Edition originale In, pp. Supports : deux lions, couronne de marquis. Dijon Paris Marc-Antoine Chartraire de Bourbonne, succ. Voir : Chaubard A. Dijon : Rare first edition. Plus une l. Published by Etienne Ledet et Compagnie, Amsterdam First edition. First edition, first issue, extremely rare large and thick paper copy, and in a beautiful contemporary binding, of Voltaire's only scientific work.

    Voltaire "presented Newton as the discoverer of the true system of the world and the destroyer of the errors of Cartesianism" Norman. It is of interest, therefore, not only in itself but for what it tells us of Voltaire in relation to Newton , as an abiding memorial to the central role that Newton played in the development of Voltaire's philosophical thinking. Two issues of this first edition are known, printed for the publishers Etienne Ledet and Jacques Desbordes, of which the Ledet issue is generally accepted to be the first. Voltaire's first committed interest in science in general, and in Newton in particular, dates from his increasingly close relations with the English aristocrat, freethinker, and Jacobite Lord Bolingbroke and his circle from the end of onwards.

    Bolingbroke left London for voluntary exile in France in , where he spent the next ten years. Influencing him towards an admiration of the Newtonian system and encouraging him to read Locke, Voltaire's contact with Bolingbroke and his circle ensured that when he crossed the channel in , and began the intellectually most formative period of his life, he had already become oriented towards contemporary English thought, to which the Newtonian system as presented in the Principia and the Opticks had made so decisive a contribution.

    In London Voltaire met the prominent Newtonian Samuel Clarke , and seems to have regarded himself for a time as Clarke's disciple. He also came into contact with John Conduitt and his wife Catherine Barton , Newton's niece, as well as the astronomer Samuel Molyneux , who may have introduced Voltaire to his pupil Robert Smith , whose Compleat System of Opticks Voltaire went to some trouble to obtain. Voltaire was impressed by Pemberton's exposition of Newton's thoughts, which managed to convey a faithful impression of Newton's work in optics and gravitation without going into mathematical detail.

    Its style and approach were in sharp contrast to the writings of Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle and other French popularisers of science of the day, with their emphasis on elegance and wit, often at the expense of scientific accuracy. In letter XIV, 'Sur Descartes et Newton,' while praising the overthrow of Aristotelianism by Descartes the philosopher, Voltaire makes plain his preference for Newton's theory of attraction over the vortex theory of Descartes the physicist.

    Newton,' has very little to say. She sought to understand the nascent science of mechanics through the philosophy of Newton, Descartes, Leibniz, and Wolff, and in the process she participated in the debate between Cartesians and Newtonians. BnC 89, col. Lettre de M. BnC, 90, col. Sans errata. Leather Bound. Condition: Very Good. In French. Famous first posthumous collected edition of Voltaire's [] works known as the 'Kehl Voltaire', produced by Beaumarchais, who created a print foundry at Kehl to carry out this great work.

    Set contains 69 of the 70 Volume 8vo edition smaller 12mo 90 volume edition was also produced. Volumes 10 and 27 printed , summary volume 70 printed , all other volumes printed Uniform 18th century calf full brown leather. Spines decorated in gold floral designs, titles, volume numbers, within 6 boxed compartments.

    Boards have a natural brown mottled leather finish, slanted gold lines on the narrow board edges. All page ends stained a very light yellow finely bespeckled with green. Green silk reading ribbons. Moderate wear of leather at spine tops, light stress wear along exterior leather hinges, some boards show minor leather loss at edges. All interior hinges firm, untorn. Volume 20 upper rear board tip charred. Otherwise no volume damaged or repaired, uniform light general wear. Only endpapers show browned bands along margins from pasted endpaper glue chemistry. Volumes 1 to 69 containing all the works and massive correspondences of Voltaire.

    Volume 1 frontispiece engraving of Voltaire by Moreau. Provenance: Each volume has the small ink stamp 'William H. Floyd Collection No. Floyd was a late 19th century American antiquarian collector. The numbering sequence shows that volume 23 was missing even when cataloged by Floyd.

    Catalogue bibliographique

    A major cultural event of the last decade of the ancien regime, a beautiful monument to Voltaire, the greatest man that literature had produced. Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais led a controversial life. Playwright The Marriage of Figaro , politician, publisher, entrepreneur, spy, supplier of munitions for the American Revolution, and an early champion of the rights of artists and intellectual property. Shortly after the death of Voltaire in , Beaumarchais set out to publish Voltaire's complete works, many of which were banned in France, and vehemently condemned by the Church.

    He bought the rights to most of Voltaire's many manuscripts from publisher Charles-Joseph Panckoucke in To evade censorship, printing presses were set up in the small, neutral, independant state of Baden, at Kehl. Beaumarchais bought, with exclusivity, the complete foundry of the famous English type designer John Baskerville, for the Societe Litteraire Typographique, an organization he established to produce editions in which he was interested.

    Three paper mills were purchased. Seventy volumes were published between to While the venture proved a financial failure, Beaumarchais was instrumental in preserving many of Voltaire's later works which otherwise might have been lost. The Kehl edition was banned on French territory until Baskerville font was revived by Americans in the 20th century.

    About this Item: A Londres, In-4 de 3 ff. One of the very rare wide-margined copies printed on thick Dutch paper. London, Identical collation to the copy preserved at the B. Bound in full blue morocco, triple gilt fillet on the covers, spine ribbed and richly decorated, inner gilt border, gilt over marbled edges. Binding from the 19th century signed Chambolle-Duru. Seller Inventory LCS Published by Chez C.

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    Henning About this Item: Chez C. Henning, Notre exemplaire est bien complet de son feuillet d'errata, qui manque souvent. Our copy is full of his errata sheet, which is often missing. Posterior bindings XIXth century in full red morocco, back Jansenists with five nerves, dates and places gilded in tails, flat struck in their center of large gilt typographical florets, double gilded nets on the cuts and caps, contreplats lined with blue morocco presenting a large lace of gilded frame, ex-libris monogrammatic glued on the contreplats of each volume, following guards of combed paper, all gilded edges.

    Binding signed Chambolle-Duru. Superb copy perfectly set in a binding signed by a master of French binding. Cortes tintados. Buen ejemplar. D'Alembert, y 1 vol. Historia de Francia. History of France. Seller Inventory C15N In de 1 f. Reliure par Duru. Condition: gebraucht. Mit 3 gest. Portraits, 2 gest. Brunet V, Cioranescu Graesse VI, Edition de luxe mit den Kupfern. Eine der literarisch und typographisch wichtigsten Ausgaben des Jahrhunderts vgl. Besonderen Reiz bekommt die Ausgabe durch die reiche Ausstattung mit Kupfertafeln nach Moreau "This series must be regarded as one of Moreau's masterpieces, for from beginning to end his genius pervades each and all of the compositions with sustained vigour and unfailling power" Lewine.

    Die 14 Kupfertafeln in Bd 31 enthalten geometrische bzw. Deckelfileten, Steh- u. Item added to your basket View basket.