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Best Documentary in the Interfaith Category St. Louis International Film Festival, November Kennedy Library Foundation, May The team Get to know the filmmakers and activists that brough you the award-winning film. IMPACT Since its festival premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April where it won Best Documentary , Pray the Devil Back to Hell has screened in all 7 continents in over 60 countries in thousands of venues for women and men from all walks of life, in major cities as well as remote villages around the world. Pray the Devil Back to Hell was one of those five parts.

For Home DVDs, the film is available with subtitles for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information if you would like to purchase a subtitled Home DVD. You can make your purchase by credit card, and the DVD will arrive to you in the mail. Feel free to pick any date and venue you like.

Domestic U.

Please note that much of the material used in this film was sourced from archival footage licensed from a third party, but we can provide a cue sheet, screener and contact information for the sources. The reality is that our bodies and brains are made for each other and optimized for life on this planet where our pleasures are linked to survival.

To make matters more complicated, we are predators in a complex web of life. The eating that gives us so much sensory pleasure and sustenance simultaneously destroys other lives and creates waste. Christians disagree about whether there will be meals in Heaven. But none dare speculate on the perfect slaughterhouse and sewer. Free will ceases to exist. But that is exactly the opposite condition they predict in Heaven. Why, they ask, would a god who wants love to be freely given threaten us with hell, even if it existed?

But that is a different article. Philosophers and neuroscientists debate whether free will is real or merely and adaptive illusion. Human reproduction is designed as a big funnel. Christian believers, ironically, would be a 1 to 2 percent minority even if all 30,plus denominations of believers actually made it in. The theological implications are huge. Christian theologians typically explain evil by arguing that this was the best of all possible worlds, the only way to create free will and to develop moral virtues like courage, compassion, forgiveness and so forth , to make us more Christ-like and prepare us for Heaven.

The ratio of adults to embryos has social implications as well.

Publishing details of this memoir by Pamela Lynch

Pastoral counselors sometimes tell a women she will get to apologize in Heaven to the fetus she aborted, which will be a fully developed person there. The company of Mr. Robertson starts sounding not so bad. Gems and streets of gold define heavenly wealth and beauty. Our desperate, goat-herding Iron Age ancestors may have yearned for the trappings of royalty.


They may have heard rumors of the gold and jewels amassed by Pharaohs or kings or tribal warlords and wished the same for themselves. Both greed and inequality are timeless, and the story of King Midas has played out in countless variations over the millennia. So, the fascination of the Bible writers with gold and precious stones is understandable. Their gem-encrusted paradise is the product of limited imagination, an inability to dream beyond the arts, technologies, and mythologies of their own culture.

Take your pick of sadism or ignorance. Some theologians have argued that witnessing the torment of the damned will be one of the joys of paradise.

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When they shall see how miserable others of their fellow creatures are, who were naturally in the same circumstances with themselves; when they shall see the smoke of their torment, and the raging of the flames of their burning, and hear their dolorous shrieks and cries, and consider that they in the meantime are in the most blissful state, and shall surely be in it to all eternity; how will they rejoice! Many Christians, to be fair, find this thought horrifying, and some teach universal salvation or that evildoers are simply annihilated.

What do the faithful do in Heaven? The same thing the angels do. They worship God and sing his praises. I will call them My people, which were not My people we Gentiles ; and her beloved, which was not beloved. Hosea The highest privilege on earth is to be a son, a daughter of God. If you want salvation, you can have salvation. Whosoever heareth, shout, shout the sound! Now the door is open; enter while. Welcome, Guest. We're glad you're here.

Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought

About About Adrian Rogers. Profound Truth. Simply Stated. Quick Links:. Discover Jesus Every person has two great longings. But there is good news! Read More Predestined To Hell? Absolutely Not! February 1, Predestined for Hell? Romans 9 No book apart from the Bible itself has ever influenced or impacted the world like Romans. Rogers formed this message: God makes sovereign choices. Continuing in Romans 9— 3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh; 4 who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption , and the glory, and the covenants , and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; 5 whose are the Fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever.

Look at the 3 words in bold in this passage. Adoption —you cannot adopt yourself. Covenants —you do not make a covenant by yourself a covenant is an agreement between two parties Giving of the law—you do not give yourself the law. Not all the children of Abraham were chosen. Turn to Genesis God had a sovereign preference for this man Jacob, and He did not have a preference for Esau. I hate you. When she became pregnant by our one-of-a-kind ancestor, Isaac, and her babies were still innocent in the womb—incapable of good or bad—she received a special assurance from God.

What state were we in when Christ died for us? Thus far we have seen: God loves lost sinners, which is what we all are before we come to Christ.

Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

God chooses individuals. He has preferences for nations, having to do with their realm of service for Him, but it is national, not personal. It is service, not salvation. It is preference, not contempt. Continuing in Romans, we will take verses 14 through 24 bit by bit. It sounds like God forced Pharaoh to rebel. Pharaoh first hardened his own heart before God hardened his heart.

What happened was this: God did not harden his heart when he was young and tender, when he was a child. God witnessed to him. God warned him. God sent a messenger to him. God sent the plagues, but Pharaoh himself hardened his own heart. Pharaoh was already lost. Pharaoh was vile, wicked, cruel. He was a despot. He had murdered thousands of people.

He had a heart set against God.

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I am going to show My power in you. You hardened your own heart. God uses situations like this to bring glory to Himself. Continuing in Romans 9, many people have difficulty with verse He does as He pleases. He answers to no one.

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Respect this: God is God!