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But the upper edges are ragged, torn by a wind not yet felt below. The wind was strong from the westward, accompanied with light showers all day. It faded soon into a gray fog, with puffs of wind from the southwest again.

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Now it is a seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations. The distant sound of a church-clock is borne faintly on the wind. There was no danger of discovery on his approach, for it was a wild night of wind and rain. And they came like the wind, yelling at the sight of their quarry. Now the wind came like a wolf down the Murchison Pass, howling and moaning.

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The wind was high, but the sun bright, and the snow thawing. I also really like Rain Dance, which draws you in with its big, cinematic sound and then envelops you in rich sonic colors that swirl and carry you away. The middle section picks up the pace with a strong rhythm and a hauntingly beautiful flute. Eventually, all of the players are involved.

A little bit prog rock and a little bit new age, I love this sound! The Singing Stone returns to more of a drone that is dark, mysterious, and powerful.

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Since when do you associate pulsating percussion with distinct synthesizer and electric guitar embellishments with ? The elongated two minute introduction is expounded upon with the infliction of pounding percussions and keyboard embellishments that at times almost sound like bagpipes. The mystery is then complemented by the more familiar woodwork of Pamela Copus as well as the swirling harmonic vocals of the duo.

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The spiritualism continues with the title track prominently featuring Randy on a bass sitar known as a tambura accompanied by a Middle Eastern chant almost beckoning us to a call of worship or meditation. The album, however, is not completely veiled in mysticism.

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It is the most organic track to date but unfortunately it is less than two minutes long but it certainly leaves you craving more. On a more commercially viable note, has also written two of their most accessible songs to date, though they have very contrasting styles. Driven by an infectious drum loop and ambient keyboards this song will take you sky high. Along with the impelling percussive beat you will be hard pressed not to dance to this song.

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Go ahead and turn up the volume and let your hair down. To add to the audio passion of the compositions, Randy and Pamela deliver their creations in an open and detailed 5. The album is also augmented by the visual eye candy of an accompanying DVD that is largely the blood, sweat and tears of Pamela.

Though it is her first formal exploration into the visual world, she has effectively integrated live high definition footage and delicately intertwined it with animation and graphics effects that have the potential to send you on a time travel to the yesteryears of several historical eras. Meanwhile, those of you that may have dismissed their safe guaranteed hit formula that has kept them as an almost permanent resident on the Billboard chart, come revisit in Word in the wind A Word in the Wind A Word In the Wind Spirit Moves