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Almost Vermeer-like in their simplicity, the two dining rooms and the tiny bar area, painted the color of tomato paste, have little in the way of decoration, aside from the hanging metal light fixtures painted by Sparks' mother and those lace curtains. But it's a sexy room. It reminded me of writer Guy Davenport's account of the first time John Adams, America's second president, traveled to France and had his first French dinner: "He found the food delicious, if unidentifiable, but blushed at the conversation a lady asked him if his family had invented sex.

The very fragrance of the garlic butter diverted the conversation, at least temporarily, from sex. Escargots, the French word for snails, are the classic Gallic example of turning something cold and nasty into something hot and sensuous.


Langlade and partner Didier Combe who looks like a young version of French film star Alain Delon are both natives of Aix-en-Provence, although they didn't know each other while in their birthplace. By American standards, Parkville might be a village, although it's fast becoming the newest restaurant mecca in the greater Kansas City area, thanks to several very good eating establishments. The old French proverb "The torch of love is lit in the kitchen" is true.

We agreed it was a scene straight out of Tom Jones , where the act of passionate eating imitates, well, you know what. Served with a crusty square of gratin potatoes, it was extraordinarily delicious. John, who had finally become bored talking about his own romantic escapades, had finished a glass of lusty Merlot and turned the subject to other French restaurants, past and present. The service is smooth here, but hardly formal; one waitress was wearing a T-shirt and jeans under her apron, which reflected the happily casual ambience of the place.

No one was dressed up for dinner on either of my visits. I felt like I was back in Paris when the desserts arrived.

10 ravishingly romantic places in France:

I selfishly kept the profiteroles — airy puffs of pastry filled with vanilla-bean ice cream and splashed with a warm, fudgy chocolate sauce — for myself. I did allow John to take a bite of the sugar-dusted chocolate tart, and his eyes almost glazed over. You know, I'd come back to this place if I thought I could find it again," he said.

I tried to explain that the trip is very simple: barely 26 minutes from Midtown if the traffic isn't heavy. With the exception of one scene, the film is set in the couple's flat, adding to the sense of walls closing in on the devoted couple. Riva says she knew she wanted the role as soon as she read the script.

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It seemed like a miracle. Haneke had seen Hiroshima Mon Amour.

La voleuse et le général - The thief and the general (2004 - french tv movie)

Clearly he wanted to see me again after all these years. I was in his head perhaps. He thought I could play Anne, so we met for lunch. Afterwards we filmed one scene; the scene in the kitchen when Anne has her first absence. Haneke said it was the most difficult scene in the film. Afterwards we looked at the rushes. He had seen other actresses, this was only natural, but he said it was me who had touched him most.

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When I knew it was Trintignant I thought we would work well together on the film. And we did. Nobody who has seen the film can doubt that this is a couple who love each other, a couple everyone can believe in.

  1. A walk on the wild side.
  2. Beginnings, Prequel Novella to The Guardians of Vesturon (YA Paranormal Romance).
  3. Vidéos à découvrir;
  4. She adds: "I would have been very unhappy if he [Haneke] had chosen someone else for the role. As it was I was very happy. Totally happy throughout the whole two months of shooting. Riva, the only daughter of an Italian signwriter and his wife, was born in eastern France. She decided as a child she wanted to be an actress, but for a girl living in a provincial village, from a modest family with no connection to the world of theatre or cinema, it seemed an impossible ambition.

    The 16th century

    To do what … who knows? I knew my passion was acting. But in the meantime I had to do something so I learned to sew. My parents certainly didn't decide my destiny was as a seamstress, as some have written. Legend has it that Riva's father was painting a shop sign when the owner, who also ran the local amateur dramatics group, asked if he knew of a young girl interested in taking a role in the next play. Afterwards, Riva, then in her early 20s, left for Paris where she enrolled in acting school. After Hiroshima Mon Amour , described by director Eric Rohmer as "the most important film since the war, the first modern film of sound cinema", Riva shunned many "commercial" roles "Because I turned down offers, they stopped calling.

    They forgot me.

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    You make an empty space and the empty space comes to you," she once said. But after that I lost her from view. In the past half century, Riva did not completely disappear. She worked on the stage until and had roles in Three Colours: Blue and Skylab , the Julie Delpy drama, and wrote books of poetry, but even in France she was known only by serious cinephiles.

    Which makes her second 15 minutes of fame even more extraordinary. I don't have any regrets because I couldn't have done a role like this at 40 years of age. This film arrived at the exact age of my life. What regrets could I possibly have? Riva is weary of journalists' questions.