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Linda A. Thanks For the Stay Frosty! JoAnn O 11 LadyLike is the publication that treats the subjects of transvestism and crossdressing as they should be treated, with respect and sophistication. Chock full of great features and loads of photos, you won't want to miss a single issue. Every issue contains important and useful information to help you realize the "ladylike" qualities within yourself.

Subscription Rates: U. Request our on-line catalog via e-mail: info cdspub. Yes, create cleavage anytime you want with our incredible Diva cleavage creator. No tape! No glue! No blisters! This garment is worn under your regular bra with breast forms and temporarily transforms your own loose breast tissue into seemingly real feminine breasts. Call or write for current pricing. Our Veronicas are designed by computer to create a more feminine you. Each garment is custom-made to your measurements to give you perfect feminine hips The Veronica i is for swimsuits and very short skirts.

The Veronica 2 is for longer skirts, leggings or trousers. I don't think there is anything better than LadyLike. Also, thanks for running a picture of me in 29 on page I know a lot of the girls are better looking than me, but it still made me feel great when I sawthe picture. Enclosed you will find afew more pictures of me ifyou would like to print them, also. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work! It has helped me in so many ways toward becoming the feminine woman I so want to be.

My sister and mom had wanted me to be a girl. As a consequence, they dressed me in my sister's clothes and always called me Diana. I only played with other little girls and thought that I was a girl until I started school. It was a horrible shock to have to dress as a boy. I hated it and took every opportu- nity to get back into a pretty dress and my Mary Janes. And so has it been all my life.

I adore feminine attire, putting on my makeup, being a woman. I want to compliment you on your lovely appearance.

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You are so much more feminine than most genetic girls. You should be very proud of your lovely creation. You are the lady I am striving to become. I am so envious of your lovely figure and gorgeous face. Keep up the good work. We girls need your help in becoming com- pletely LadyLike. Love, Diana [Ed. Ya oughta see JoAnn on a butch day! Seeing you in "drab" the last day shows me just how perfect you are in the art of illusion. You're awesome! I wanted to tell you that you did a supremely excellent job with the Con- gress.

It was informative, professional, and exciting. As a psychology gradu- ate student, I found the sharing of knowledge and experience invigorat- ing and essential to the development of the field with regard to both coun- seling and research. Although some very and even conflicting viewpoints were presented, I believe that every- one walked away with a little more than they arrived with, be it the adop- tion of new ideas or the further devel- opment of their own line of thinking.

It is vital that these talks continue as the study of transgenderism is still in its infancy and there remains so much that needs to be addressed. Now for some fun stuff Thanks for your response in LadyLike 30 and for printing my picture. You can ditch that picture though because i went on a mad photo spree and ended up with some much better pictures which I'm sending you and Angela for either the Then and Now feature or Mirror, Mir- ror.

One is a picture of me dressed en femme for the very first time back when I was five years old in 1 The little "boy" in it is actually my younger sister who knows all about my cross- dressing and told me that it'd be cool to send to you. The other two are from this year — one from a studio and the other that my girlfriend took at the beach. Use them as you wish. If you include your mailing name and mailing address on the back of your photos, we will print your address with your photo in the magazine so people can write to you directly.

If you want to write to someone whose picture appears in the magazine, look for an address and write directly. Or, look for a forwarding number like FWD with the photo. Classic pumps designed and custom manufactured in Spain. Uppers made from buttery soft kidskin. Heels reinforced to resist breakage. Inner heel lined with suede to prevent slippage.

All styles feature a low- cut vamp that shows toe cleavage. All shoes in B width only, but from sizes 3 V 2 to Classic Pumps 1 S. Second St. We offer Transformations. Male order available. Call Lita Fax e-mail: kitten olimits. I miss the column you used to write for Cross-Talk. Have you thought about transferring it to LadyLike? That would be most cool! Dear Revy , I'm glad you could make it for the Congress. We're going to do it again in the year It was most welcome. I had called several times last week and left messages.

My concern was that I was skipped. One of my fears is that Lady- Like would cease publishing. And if finances ever become intolerable, please don't hesitate to i increase prices, at double the price I will still support you. And if donations were asked for, I would respond, and I'm sure others would also. You're justtoo damn good to go under.

I won't add my accolades to the many you must surely receive. As per your request as to where I obtain TV publications. I prefer the reliability of subscribing plus I think that I receive publications soonerthan purchasing them from second parties. As a side note, even though I have contacted a dozen or so suppl iers over the last couple of years, I still have not obtained issues 1 thru 6 of LadyLike , I've about given up. I feel that providing access to the girls is one of the best ideas yet. If I ever get the courage to send a photo I would definitely include an address. I decided to write you a letter and write I did, it doesn't matter that I have rambled a bit, its MY letter.

I read every word in LL including the page numbers to reassure myself that I haven't missed a page. I patronize your advertisers, I feel very connected to both Angela and JoAnn, but never to the point of intrusion. I greatly ad- mire all the LL girls, even the "less- than-glamourous" ones. We do our best. And, your suggestions were pretty good. Teel free to send more. Keep checking those page num- bers in case we mess up , and thanks for supporting LadyLike. The photos you sent were great but they got messed up because you wrote on them in ballpoint pen. Then ink transfers to the photo in front and then we have your gorgeous face with reverse writing all over it.

In the future, only use perma- nent ink on the photo. What a thrill it was to learn you had chosen me to beyourcovergirl LL Being a simple country girl living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean doesn't give a big "six footer" like myself many opportunities for high profile exposure. So, as we say in Hawaii, "mahalo," for the privilege of appeari ng on the cover of you r tastefu I publication. I began my career as a gender illu- sionist in Denver, Colorado in the early '80s, playing every honky tonk that would have me.

I then moved to L. I've hosted a female impersonator re- view called The Cosmetix for the past four years, receiving rave reviews. Again, a big heartfelt aloha and mahalo! Sincerely, Guava Chiffon See this photo in color on page I hardly now where to begin, but first let me say that you look just beautiful, and that your magazine is just wonderful, too.

I purchased issue 30 my first one and read it cover to cover. I was very impressed by the articles, tips, and photos of the ladies in the Mirror , Mirror section. I especially like the article and photo layout of Sharon Davidson. I have been dressing up for quite a while now, but I have never ventured out in public. My nyloned knees knock at the very thought of it! However, since this would be a major step for me, I would appreciate any informa- tion that your could send me about Paradise in the Poconos, the getaway weekend for crossdressers.

I have no idea where I could go to meet others like myself. I'm looking for some nightlife rather than support groups. I've never been out to a club like this, but I'm sure they must exist! Or do they? Maybe your readers could com- ment on this? Also, I have a question that you might be able to answer in Girl Talk.

ysrhbap.tk Ebooks and Manuals

Due to my job I can't pluck my eyebrows or shave my arms. What is the best way to address these prob- lem areas, other than hair removal? Thank you so much, All dressed up, and no place to go — Rhonda. Rhonda, There are clubs that cater just to girls like us, but you will have to move to New York or L. In your area the only alternative is gay clubs that have drag nights. You say you aren't inter- ested in support groups, but the best place to find others like yourself and learn about the local nightlife is to attend at least a few support group meetings.

Check our resource pages for groups near you. Cross-Port, Crys- tal Club and Transpitt spring to mind. The members of those groups can give you all the info you will need on places to go, and maybe they'll be able to help you gain the confidence to get out and about. The never ending di- lemma for the crossdresser. You have two choices: Cover yourself up, which doesn 't work too well in the Summer, since a girl in long sleeves and a turtleneck attracts attention or start thinning it out slowly, over a period of time, by plucking and thinning.

If you do this over a least several months almost no one will notice that you are hairless. Same goes for brows. You can thin them slowly and as long as you keep them that way no one will notice. Also, you don't have to go that thin on your brows. Thank God for Brooke Shields! Get them to a reason- able point and then use clear mascara to paste them down into a thinner line.

You can also put makeup over them to make them less prominent. This works best at night, and it doesn 't sound as if you're planing any morning trips to the mall. Again, the girls at the local support groups can share their tech- niques. My interest in crossdress- ing has been many years, but it was not until nine years ago that I per- suaded my wife to let me do so. At the end of last March she passed away so now I'm dressing more. My neighbor has been the only one to see me dressed, so I'm a closet dresser.

One thing more before I write a novel, I doubt very much whether I'll be venturing outside much because I am a senior citizen 70 , so I've come into being a CD rather late in life. Thanks for listening-, so to speak. Keep publishing, Michelle Michelle, Being 70 it's the perfect time for you to get out enfemme. Youngergirls tend to get attention particularly if they have great legs and with in- creased attention comes the greater chance of detection. Older women don't have that problem, and while that may bother the real older women, the older crossdresser can feel more secure that no none will hit on her, or cause her any trouble.

Just go where other older women go Older women are more of a target for purse snatchers. If your neighbor has al- ready seen you then you're halfway out of the closet already. I couldn't attend the ceremonies, so they were kind enough to provide photos so we can all share the joy and Fun they had on February 16, Below: The members oF the wedding party.

V Lessee, a nip here, a tuck there. Hey, did you see my boob? It was right here. Heather Davies m. Practice limited to the treatment of gender dysphoria and associated conditions. By appointment only. Appointments available for Canadian and U. MSA 2E4 phone: A complete transformation package for every Crossdresser! When you're in the Los Angeles area If not, it should have been. No group takes, saves, exchanges, publishes or looks at more photos of themselves than crossdressers.

Actors and politi- cians have their photos taken on a daily basis; that's part of the job. They don't cherish and horde each im- age. Families fill photo albums with loved ones and vaca- tion shots, but not doz- ens of pictures of themselves posing in motel rooms in front of drawn drapes. Narcissus had still water to reflect his beauty, but for the crossdresser the camera is the perfect mirror.

The evidence is everywhere. Let's exam- ine a prominent men's publication promot- ing pulchritude, LadyLike In its 48 pages there are 1 42 photos of crossdress- ers. Crossdressers appeared on all but 1 1 pages and most of those pagers featured photos of high heels, breast forms or women modeling clothing intended for crossdressers. Were 1 42 photos enough? Maybe not. Publisher JoAnn Roberts apologized for the lack of photos in the Letters to the Editor section, saying they were damaged before they cou Id be pri nted. These letters tell us plenty about the impor tance of photos.

Six out of ten letters men tioned photos. One reader, Jeri, wrote that "the first thing I do when I receive a new issue of LadyLike is scan the pages with anxious anticipation, hoping that I was included in the Mirror Mirror section. But, not all is vanity. It seems LadyLike readers enjoy seeing the photos of other queens, too. Letter writer Edith offered to buy photos of other crossdressers by the 1 0's or 20's. And in the previous issue, 29 photos , Elaine offered "an unsolicited suggestion Can there ever be enough? This love our own feminine image no doubt inspired these home photos from the 's.

We crossdressers haven't changed all that much. The surprise is that we don't see more old photos. But, closeted crossdressers, especial ly in less enlightened times, may have destroyed their photos and femme clothes as they get older, rather than risk detection after their death. This is how one senior cross- dresser explained selling his collec- tion of magazines to me in 1 And many a wife or heir has burned secreted wardrobes, treasured theater programs and scandal- ous photos of Daddy in dresses.

Though these photos sur- vived untold hardship and ad- versity, their story did not. There are very few facts available about either the photos or the people in them. These shots are from a set of 18 photos pur- chased from a dealer in the San Francisco Bay area. All he would say was that he bought them from another dealer who bought them at some kind of sale in the Pacific Northwest. Dealers can be so coy. Like many photos from the 's, these may be used postcards and have a place for address and message on the back.

He is a young man. If he were a girl, he'd be a flapper. But, as things are older and steadier citizens would identify him with that group called "flaming youth. Heplucks his eyebrows and wears some tracesof make-up, a bit of blush, some shadow, a hint of lipstick. His clothes are tailored and in one photo he's holding a long cigarette holder.

However, in drag he's more relaxed. He smiles more broadly. As Bea, Ben seems more serious and self-conscious, reserved. The crossdressing woman we'll call Pete after Peter Pan. Her style of dress is common for women impersonating boys on stage and screen. Since Pete's coat sleeves are a bit short we might wonder if Pete borrowed Ben's coat; 1 These photos are signifi- cant because they tell that Bea and Pete are out about their crossdressing to each other and to the unknown third person behind the camera.

One summer's day this little support group went to the beach. What an exciting outing it must have been! The beach was deserted. Bea had a fully matching ensemble: checkered dress, wig, hat, coat, purse, low heeled shoes, parasol and even lace garters. Bea seems a bit reserved. Though she honors us with a little smile when sitting next to dashing Pete. On the back of one photo is a drawing of an idealized 's flapper. Bea's work?

I turn Tomska into a sissy!

I know several crossdressers who draw hundreds of pictures of fabulous women or other queens. Candy Darling, Andy Warhol's superstar, did it. There's pages of her drawings in her recently published book of diaries, My Face for the World to See. Doris Fish, an Australian who was San Francisco's reigning diva of drag during the 's, would doodle incessantly when talking on the phone.

She didn't do full figures as often as faces or even just glamorous eyes. Candy drew things like this also. You'll have to buy Candy's book to see her drawings. Noticethe I ittle details in Bea'soutfit, likethe lacegarters revealed as she and Pete embrace. What do you think? Is Bea wearing woman's undergarments? Have you ever heard the old transgendered Wives Tale that you can tell a transvestite from a drag queen by their undies. When dressed a drag queen will still wear her regular jockeys, but a trans- vestite will be femme from the skin out.

A year later, 1 , Bea and an unseen photographer had another session. It's summer again, but this time they stay near the house on the porch and in the yard. Is Pete behind the lens? Or is it the same photogra- pher as last year? Or someone else? Is Bea coming out to more people? For whatever reason Bea seems more relaxed. Herout- fits are a bit more re- vealing. She bares some skin and poses seductively with acoat draped around her white shoulders.

The drab photos must have been shot first. Virtually every transition sequence in history starts in the biological gender. Anyway, who would want to get all dressed and made-up and not have any time to flounce around afterward? Waste of good drag, that. Though we can guess a few things about Bea and Pete, they remain largely a mystery. There's always the hope that a reader may recognize the peopleorthe location. Look a this, Marge. All we really know is that Pete and Bea, our spiritual ancestors, went to the beach on a summer's day about 75 years ago.

And that Bea enjoyed dressing-up so much that she posed for more photos a year later. If you want to write to someone whose picture ap- pears in the magazine, look for an address and write directly. Or, look for a forwarding number like FWD next to the photo. If there's an FWD num- ber, write your letter, put it in a 9 envelope and in pencil write the FWD number on the front.