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It is a complex web of case-law and statutory provisions and the recent Companies Act spans more than 1, sections. It is, however, an extremely important topic for any commercial practitioner, particularly corporate lawyers. Davies who is joined by, for the first time, Sarah Worthington.

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It aims to be the leading text on company law by providing clarity while covering all key areas on a day-to-day basis by way of a detailed, in-depth analysis. It easily achieves this aim. Each part then includes a number of chapters.

Current developments in international and comparative corporate insolvency law IALS Library holds a wide selection of current serial titles on c ompany law and corporate insolvency from many different jurisdictions. These are located on all floors of the Library.

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Some titles are only in printed volumes while others or available in both formats. For more detailed help, please refer to the guide on Finding journal articles. The following titles focus particularly on c ompany law and corporate insolvency but there may be relevant articles in less specialised journals. American bankruptcy institute law review.

Australian corporations and securities reports. British company cases. Butterworths company law cases. Canadian business law journal. Commercial laws of Europe.

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Company and securities law journal. Corporate rescue and insolvency. Delaware journal of corporate law. European business organisation law review. Giurisprudenza commerciale. International company and commercial law review. Journal of corporate law studies.

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Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly. Reports of commercial cases. Rivista del diritto commerciale. University of Pennsylvania journal of international law.

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If you are interested in legislation or cases concerning c ompany law and corporate insolvency issues in specific countries you will need to consult the legislation or law reports for that jurisdiction. Consult the List of Serials and Library Catalogue to find the general classmark for the country you require. Consult consolidations of legislation, digests or indexes to trace particular acts or cases.

You may also find it useful to refer to our guides on finding Legislation and Cases or check to see if we have a Jurisdiction Research Guide for the country you are interested in. Eagle-i is an internet portal maintained and updated by IALS library staff.

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It provides free access to full text UK judgments and legislation on a wide range of subjects including company law and corporate insolvency and also links to other free World Law databases. International Bar Association : Insolvency Links: Gateway to a selection of sites concerning insolvency. In this Guide This guide aims to give a brief introduction to the Library's holdings on Company law and Corporate Insolvency. Update information Last updated: Katherine Read, February Your comments We'd love to hear your comments about this Research Guide.

Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the core concepts and principles of modern British company law and in the beliefs and values underlying it. Apply inter-disciplinary and critical understanding of the historical development of those core concepts and of the socio-economic forces that shaped them. Communicate an appreciation of the policy debates currently surrounding the issue of corporate governance and a critical understanding of the relevance of those debates to contemporary company law.

Demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge of company law to concrete situations; to identify the legal issues arising out of complex hypothetical problem situations; and to recognise and formulate the arguments that might be made by the parties concerned.

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Apply an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues and debates surrounding the governance of the large public companies that dominate the economy. Acquire a critical framework built on previous study within which to understand these issues. Pre-requisites None. Restrictions Not available to non law students. Overview Details Method of assessment Indicative reading Learning outcomes.

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