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Compilation:Current Affairs[English] December 2018 Part I

The linchpin of the reforms has been an independent effort to verify that all persons receiving Medicaid in the state are eligible for the program. But, a state union challenged the plan, claiming that it violated union contracts and argued the work should be performed by government workers.

To Open The Sky

An arbitrator sided with the union and on December 16, the Quinn Administration said they were dropping an appeal and would instead hire new government workers to do the job. Countdown to New Laws. Listed below are a few highlights. More details are available at the Senate Republican Web site where you can also find a downloadable summary of every new law going into effect January 1.

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Ban Political Use of State Grants. Though state grants account for hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year, it is extremely difficult to track these funds and their use. The money was used to pay teen-agers to march in a parade with the Governor, hand out flyers promoting inner peace, take field trips to museums, and attend yoga classes.

Distracted Driving: Cell Phone Ban.

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Illinois joins roughly a dozen other states with laws banning the use of cell phones while driving. Though the state already has a prohibition in place for texting and driving, Illinois residents will no longer be allowed to talk on cell phones when driving, unless using hands-free technology, once House Bill takes effect. Senate Bill increases the maximum speed limit to 70 miles-per-hour on most interstates and toll highways.

I sponsored the new law to update speed limits to reflect the reality of current driving speeds in Illinois and other states.

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