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Having stumbled out onto the correct floor and delivered the paper like a pro , she dragged me into the fire escape stairway, dropped her Adidas poppers to the lino, unzipped my fly and pulled me into her. After three successive weekends of sis refusing to leave us in peace, I basically bribed her to go to the cinema. She bled, which was unfortunate, and everything smelled of latex, but I thought it was poetic, tender and even a bit magical.

I fell in love with her. The only light was moonlight — our only soundtrack the washing-machine rumble of the nearby A She collapsed on the bed panting, sweat dripping from every part of her body. Tony knelt in front of the two ladies and started stroking his cock.

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It was the most erotic thing Patrice had ever seen. She hoped he would come on their tits, or better yet, in her mouth. She wanted to swallow cum from his swollen hard cock. She had never seen a man do that before and this made her pussy tingle and her nipples hardened once more. They all knew what would follow. The girls continued to pleasure each other as Tony watched. After five minutes they could see his cock was semi-erect and it only required a little help to regain its full length. Sharon and Patrice took turns sucking his cock and balls while Tony let out small moans of pleasure.

Before long, his massive cock stood at its full length, ready to devour the two pink cunts that were begging for more. He held her hips and moved in and out. Sharon moved to the front and spread her pink pussy in front of Patrice. They switched places and Tony continued ramming their wanting cunts. After a while, Sharon suggested they ride Tony, so he lay on his back and Patrice moved on top of him. Patrice was 23 and her friend Sharon was Patrice hit the shower and left quickly. Do you have a couple of minutes to spare?

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Tony stood up to reveal his well-built body and well-toned muscles. Patrice screamed.


More group sex stories you might enjoy. My wife and I visit a swingers… Read Story. I really could not see well… Read Story.

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I parked the car in the drive… Read Story. Jamal was reaching a climax… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books.

True Threesome Stories From Couples That Went Wild

Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured here. Juicy Sex Books. My little secret. Slept with. I wish he would. My wife's Best Friend. With over , users, LushStories authors post regularly, so there'll always be new content once you've gone through all the ones posted, but that may take a while!

From babysitters, to teen couples and stepdaughters, there is likely something you'll want to read. Another great website where you can find even more teen sex stories is New Sex Story. On New Sex Story, people don't post fictitious stories like on Lush Stories, but instead, they tell the story of things that actually happened to them. So what's great about these teen stories is that they're coming from real teens, or young adults who are recalling what they did in their teen years. You'll find stories of teens having sex for the first time, of teens fucking older people, freshman girls repaying senior boys for giving them a ride to school -- anything you'd imagine a teen to do.

If you want to dive into the sexual world of teens and read real stories to jerk off to, then visit NewSex Story and give their selection a browse. Ass you read the stories you may also want to pull up a new tab of teen nudes to get the full experience. On Sex Stories' website , its layout is more like a forum where people can post their own stories in different threads.

‘You Are Safe Here’: In a Border Courtroom, a Migrant Woman Confronts Her Biggest Fear

What's great about Sex Stories is that they include ratings and tags under all the titles of their stories so you can see how people rated the story, what genre it is, and whether or not it is fictitious or a true story. There are also many fantasy stories that people on this website write, so when you're feeling like a more adventurous read, you can select one of these. These stories are longer than most others you'd find online, and the authors take time to make the details pop. So when you log onto Sex Stories, just know you're in for a good time even if you're just looking for teen sex online.

Similar to Sex Stories' format, Literotica posts are in a forum-like manner, where people post their stories. What's different about Literotica, though, is that their stories center more around first times rather than just teen sex.

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If you want to read detailed stories that come in multiple chapters of teens losing their virginity and exploring with sex, then I'd recommend you to visit this site and read through some of the posts.