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Only by the process of the new birth can one be made alive again in the spiritual sense Jn.

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The second death is an eternal separation from God in that horrible abode known as hell. The same state is called a death Rom. James spoke of the condemned soul who is rescued from death Jas. There are five different words in the Greek Testament that reflect varying shades of meaning with respect to a gift. The word here used is charisma found seventeen times in the New Testament , the verbal form of which is charizomai found twenty-three times. It is, however, a mistake of unfathomable magnitude that so many have adopted the view that this gift does not require a willing recipient who happily acknowledges that the gift may be undergirded by conditions.

A gift does not exclude possible conditions. Second, since there are valuable lessons to be learned from Old Testament precedents Rom. Yet specific instructions were provided as to how the Israelites were to take the city Jn. The writer of Hebrews declared that the city was not taken until after the divine instructions were obeyed Heb. In that connection, Rahab was spared because she was obedient , in contrast to the citizens of Jericho who were disobedient Heb. Anyone with a modest level of reasoning ability can deduce that a gratuitous gift and the obedient reception of the gift does not imply a contradiction.

An incident in the ministry of Paul illustrates the same principle. Finally, it should be observed that those enamored with the Augustine-Calvin theory of the perseverance of the saints—namely, that a child of God can never forfeit his salvation—contend that whenever God provides a gift, such is irrevocable. Mounce attempts to apply Romans to the matter of salvation , , but there are enormous problems with that view.

First, as seen in the shipwreck illustration above, God threatened to withdraw the gift of sailor safety if the inmates of the vessel did not conform to his condition. Second, the context of Romans does not deal with the matter of salvation. Cottrell, 2. Third, the office of an apostle was a gift of God Eph.

But what is eternal life? It is the opposite of the second death see above. It is an eternal relationship with God, overflowing with a depository of blessings beyond the scope of present full representation or appreciation. It is not merely everlasting existence though that is involved. Instead, it is a quality of living that can only be defined in terms of its relationship with the Godhead. It is particularly important to notice the prepositional phrase that sets forth the sphere in which eternal life is found.

Or are you ignorant that all we who were immersed into Christ Jesus were immersed into his death? We were buried therefore with him through immersion into death [i. For you are all sons of God, through the faith [article in Greek text; objective faith, i. For as many of you as were immersed into Christ did put on Christ Gal. The sphere of salvation is the in-Christ relationship. The mode of entrance is the culminating act of immersion in water cf.

Acts ; Romans is a gold mine of information. It instructs, warns, and promises. Study this text carefully. Passively yield to it. Teach it vigorously. Jackson, Wayne. Access date: June 29, Topical Index. About Contact.

Works Cited Brown, Francis, S. Driver, and Charles Briggs. Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament. Cottrell, Jack. Joplin, MO: College Press. Cranfield, C.

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Edinburgh, Scotland: T. Danker, F. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago. Moo, Douglas.

The Wages of Sin and the Free Gift of God

For something to truly be free it cannot come with any cost whatsoever, so a gift cannot cost anything. There's no way around it. For something that is supposedly free to cost anything, anything at all, no matter how slight, would entirely defeat the alleged freeness of that thing and that thing would not be a gift. The Bible makes it abundantly clear in many places in Scripture that salvation, specifically forgiveness of sins and eternal life, is a free gift that God gave to mankind. See Eph , Rom , John , Gal , etc. Man obtains this gift from God by believing , which means placing his or her faith in trust in and reliance upon Christ for forgiveness and eternal life.

This is because we as human beings are flawed and imperfect, fallen and therefore entirely unable to meet any divine standards. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead in sinless perfection. We have no hope of such perfection. Jesus already paid everything and there is nothing left for you or I to contribute.

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Place your faith trust in Him right now today and at that moment you will be forgiven for all of your sins past, present and future, and heaven will be your eternal home. That is the wonderful promise and assurance that God has given to all mankind, to all who would place their trust in His Son Jesus Christ. This is His marvelous and irrevocable guarantee. Yes, I know the price is being generated from their clouded perspective on life. No matter how you slice this or dice this, this equates to people being required to pay a price for salvation.

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That is a heresy and makes Jesus look like a bait-and-switch salesman who promises something is free, but in reality, it actually comes with a cost. See the problem? Jesus is the complete sacrifice for our sins, yet heretical teachers require potential converts to Christ to pay an additional sacrifice! It's so bad that these teachers claim that without this additional sacrifice, there is no way for that person to be saved.

I know. Those are some pretty serious sins I mentioned and it certainly would absolutely be best for someone to be done with any of that prior to becoming a Christian. Yet there are countless professing Christians who think it is their express job to clean the fish before they catch them.

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No, that's God's job and that's also putting the cart before the horse. Obviously God will take it from there and people will change as they are responsive to God's leading and to the teachings of the Bible. Hopefully they will study the written Word and obey the commands of Christ.

This kind of nonsense has been added by man made religion posing as Christianity. And to be clear, no one is worthy of salvation no matter how much they have cleaned up their life.