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There are many fire hazards associated with ESSs. A simple illustration is the number of well-publicized fires caused by laptop, cell phone and hoverboard lithium-ion batteries. These tiny lithium-ion batteries actually generate a considerable amount of heat and discharge both flammable and toxic gasses.

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ESSs, in comparison, are substantially larger than their small consumer counterparts. In fact, ESSs can contain tens of thousands of battery cells and are capable of storing a vast amount of electrical energy. The many risks associated with Energy Storage Systems require careful review and understanding, as well as assessment of all associated hazards. This is particularly true since ESSs are often used in high occupancy facilities such as hospitals, airports and high-rises.

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Russ conducts seminars internationally on a variety of fire and life safety related subjects and has authored numerous industry articles and training materials. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with seven regional offices across the nation, Telgian provides service throughout the US and abroad. Telgian offers clients a comprehensive, single-source solution for all of their fire protection, security and life safety needs.

So if you were really successful at promoting, when we looked at the top webinars, 42 of the top had a really poor attendance rate, yet they were among the most-attended webinars overall because they did a stellar job at promoting They had so many people that had registered that [attendance rate] didn't matter. One of our best-attended webinars is about knitting, and the knitting webinar happens around PM in the evening, and that's when it pulls in its audience, so it might depend on your topic.

They don't actually want to attend live Overall, how we assess impact and what are the things to look for are how many people consume and are engaged with that content.

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Again, attendance rate is just a relational metric. It doesn't really tell you the whole story. You want to make sure that you have the maximum amount of people engaged with that content, and that can be live or it can be on-demand. Seriously, trying to improve your attendance rate isn't going to work even with mobile reminders : "The road that leads you [to webinar success] is doing promotions really well, because attendance rate, you don't have that many ways to impact that, even if you do send reminders.

We did a test on text message reminders.

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You'd think that text reminders would have a big impact. Had almost no impact.

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  • Because the reality is, one of the prime reasons why people can't attend is that they're busy. They're doing something else.


    So even if you send a reminder, that's just not going to help. Then make sure that you connect all your data to your marketing automation system and CRM system, and that you're creating context from it. When we look at it, we look at how much pipeline was touched, how much pipeline was specifically generated, and how much was closed. If you want people to attend live, timing is everything : You want to optimize for when the most people are able to make it.

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    What works really well for the United States, assuming that you have an audience that is distributed and sits across the different time zones— a. Pacific, a. Pacific are usually the best times to host, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the good days to host, and they work equally well. Make sure you time your webinar to one of these hot slots On average, we see people pick up the most attendees at these times. Daniel and I talked about much more, including what the data revealed about the timing of your promotions, tips for naming your webinar, and what attendance rate you should be hitting, so be sure to listen to the entire show, which you can do above, or download the mp3 and listen at your convenience.

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