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RL: It is to prompt, prod, inspire, and motivate people to grow within the brand.

Quest - Tracking Wonder

I will prod them into new directions within this rich culture. My job is to inspire them on their journey. RL: What caught their attention was both what I had been doing with hair and also what I was doing with photography to capture the work.


When they approached me they wanted me to be a mini advertising agency. I believe they decided I was someone they could trust and they went ahead and let me do what I thought was right. They did say that out of every five projects you work on, you have to get at least three and a half right.

Their openness to the creative process helped me grow tremendously and I think we all grew, together. Now, I have the opportunity to offer other people that room to grow, which is very exciting. RL: I want to try and get our culture to the point where it services the next decade. My role is very much about sharing the things we stand for and helping to shape that so we can help stylists. We can reinvent the brand in the most wonderful way. MS: What do you think hairdressers need right now that you hope Sebastian can provide?

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RL: Our industry is predicated on people coming through the door and getting more bums on the seat. We will be helping them grow their business and make their salon a destination. MS: In the past twenty years, the digital revolution has been underway.

How might this influence how you work? It allows us to interact and talk with, not only talk to. MS: You talk about progression and patience. The sheer need in low-income communities is huge. Now our business model is mostly about mass markets. We are also trying to build more public-private partnerships. If it takes people eight months to see a government ophthalmologist, why not refer them to us when have same day appointments?


You need to be able to find the passion that will keep you motivated in the long-term to solve the problem. Second, find the right partner and build the right team around you. Third, keep investing in your leadership skills. The leader I had to be when starting out was one person; two years later when the company was struggling to grow it was another.

Meet one of the visionary entrepreneurs transforming eye care in Mexico

Because it takes a lot of time to develop a business model that works and scale it. How do we move towards a regenerative economy? There are more opportunities than you think…. Participant login donate contact us. What's new? Please do not fill-in this field. Meet one of the visionary entrepreneurs transforming eye care in Mexico. Host stories Sarah O'Reilly 05 June What led you to set up sala uno?

Why Join Quest?

How did you get started? Growing a new business is tough. What keeps you going? How have you kept that sense of purpose as the company as grown?

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