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Teoria Geral do Esquecimento Hardcover. Irene Anderberg Translator. Eine allgemeine Theorie des Vergessens Hardcover.

Eine allgemeine Theorie des Vergessens Kindle Edition. Michael Kegler Translator. Teoria generale dell'oblio Kindle Edition. Romana Petri Translator. Tanja Tarbuk Translator. Teoria generale dell'oblio Paperback. Almen teori om glemsel Paperback.

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Gregers Steendahl Tranlator. Teoria Geral do Esquecimento Kindle Edition. Published September 1st by Edicions del Periscopi. Xavier Aldekoa.

Editions of A General Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa

A General Theory of Oblivion ebook. Allmenn teori om glemsel ebook. Add a new edition. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The soldiers pushed the Portuguese men up against the wall. They took a few steps back.

One of them pulled a pistol from his belt, and in a movement that was almost absent-minded, almost annoyed, he pointed it and fired three times. Jeremias Carrasco was lying on his back. He saw the birds flying high in the sky. He noticed an inscription in red ink on the bloodstained, bullet-pocked wall:.

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In bold where the problem lies. What about the book itself? Was the nomination for the shortlist of the Man Booker International deserved? Mia Couto hovers above them both in my humble opinion.

ISBN 13: 9789722059800

Perhaps more sincerity, engagement, and maturity in the narrative. Most of the literature in Portuguese being produced nowadays is more worried about the aesthetic and the form than to creating credible characters. In essence some of the most recent literature in Portuguese has become too Flaubertian, turning books into limited and self-aware cryptic narratives.

After reading two or three I can discern a notorious absence of independence.

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