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I can speak Swahili. Ninaweza kusema Kiswahili. I can't speak Swahili. Siwezi kusema Kiswahili. I love you! Motorcycle Pikipiki No!

Please Tafadhali Sorry! Sweet Tamu Thank you! Thank you very much! Asante sana!

Because not every day is Saturday

Wakati gani? Where are you going to? Unakwenda wapi? English Swahili Saturday Jumamosi literally: first day of the week Sunday Jumapili literally: second day of the week Monday Jumatatu literally: third day of the week Tuesday Jumanne literally: fourth day of the week Wednesday Jumatano literally: fifth day of the week Thursday Alhamisi Arabic: fifth day of the week Friday Ijumaa Arabic: the day of congregational prayer. It is interesting to note that in the Swahili culture the day starts at sunrise unlike in the Arab world where the day starts at sunset, and in the Western world where the day starts at midnight.

Sunrise in East Africa, being exactly at the Equator, happens every day at approximately a. And for that reason, a. By "Swahili time" I mean the time as spoken in Swahili. So the hands of a watch or clock meant to read Swahili time would always point to a number opposite to the number for the actual time as spoken in English. That is, the Swahili time anywhere in the world not just East Africa is delayed by 6 hours. Therefore a. Note also that the Swahili time doesn't use "noon" as the reference as in a. Quick Swahili Lessons Many readers of this page have been asking me where they can have quick Swahili lessons.

Swahili Basics Swahili is one of the easiest languages to learn. Here are a few basic things to know about Swahili: Swahili verbs always carry with them the subject and sometimes the object and the tense.

Learn Spanish in 5 days - Day 1

Jumamosi literally: first day of the week. Jumapili literally: second day of the week. Jumatatu literally: third day of the week. Jumanne literally: fourth day of the week. Jumatano literally: fifth day of the week. Alhamisi Arabic: fifth day of the week. Ijumaa Arabic: the day of congregational prayer. Usiku wa manane.

Saa ngapi? Saa mbili kamili asubuhi. Saa mbili barabara. Saa sita mchana.

Today's Devotionals

Saa kumi na dakika ishirini na tano alasiri. Saa kumi na mbili kamili jioni. Saa mbili na robo usiku. Saa mbili kasorobo usiku. Saa tatu unusu asubuhi also: Saa tatu na nusu asubuhi. Peer pressure, or at least the illusion of it. In an attempt to grow my Instagram page, I decided to post my daily content as the description of a picture embodying the topic of the text. When I noticed people actually caring about what I had to say, things got serious. Accountability is a powerful weapon and I honestly believe it allowed me to push through difficult times.

Days of the week in Korean

My word was on the line and everyone would be able to witness and judge my failure. Not even one person acknowledged it. Next day I compensated by releasing two texts but it made me see how powerful our minds can be at tricking us.

It was challenging yet feasible. Once I got into the rhyme, I understood how much time and effort the daily content would require from me and I was ok with the transaction. The logistics surrounding content creation were also in my favor. To write, I only needed a computer, fingers and my mind, all available to me at any moment. I also happen to have a boring life, a fixed daily routine which allowed me to always write in the comfort of my home.

Perhaps if I was traveling, it would have been even more challenging. My environment enabled me to be challenged solely by the creative process and my day to day emotional state. In addition to all the lessons I mention until now, this challenge taught me the importance of committing to deep work. The first texts I wrote were simple and short but with time, I started to dig deeper for topics.

Spanish Lessons via Email

The amount of daily work increased but also the quality of the content. Yet, the effort required of me to get into start writing never changed. Except for the moments of inspiration, it was always a struggle to start the process. However, once it started, it was easier to keep writing better content. Like I found the mental connection between my thoughts and fingers. On average, the creative process of writing, producing the image and posting it on Instagram would take me around 1. As I look back at all these thoughts, I see a collection of mementos reflecting my mood, daily struggles and personality.

Memories that turned this challenge into something quite special. So now the challenge is to integrate the intrinsic characteristics of this challenge into my regular content.


Breakdown projects into daily goals, make myself accountable and produce a deliverable every day. So… let the real challenge begin. Enjoyed this post? Interested in improving yourself? Join my newsletter for fresh content to help you become the best you can be. The Writing Cooperative is brought to you by —.

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Since practice and repetition are great ways to learn vocabulary, I looked for other ways a student could keep track of these highlighted vocabulary words. Depending on the needs of her students, Ms Noonan now has a few choices to help solidify her word of the day lessons. Students who forget the word during class time would be able to use the poster as their quick reference.

Students working at home would have all of their past words of the day in their book for a quick spelling check or to find one of the words that they're having difficulty remembering. In all of these cases, it's about layering supports into the physical space of the classroom.

If you have additional ideas, be sure to share them in the comments below. Let's get better together!

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