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Her mother hired a private investigator to locate her daughter. The plot was good.

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Recommended for anyone who enjoys fairy, Irish, Scottish and Celtic stories. Kathy Reichs: Deja Dead September - Gosh, this book really kept me glued after reading half-way. It involved a character named Dr. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist, who detects a pattern of killer's work with dead women over a few years in Montreal. She tries to figure out the killer's next move and with that, she put herself into the corner Such a suspenseful book to read. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys grisly and forensic science plot. I met her and she was truly an amazing person to chat with.

I finally got around to read her book. I learned so much about her and her personal struggles and accomplishment with her disability. It was a good reading for anyone who wants to understand how she went through the episodes - violence, hospitalization, rehabitation, work and life, relationship and court. Even though her body was "violated", her spirit didn't leave her She came to terms of accepting herself as a new person, not same person as she was before. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about "The Central Park Jogger" and head trauma injury. It is a Germany-released movie.

Shot in beautiful Switzerland, Stille Liebe tells the story of Antonia Emmanuelle Laborit , a deaf nun who meets Mikas, a deaf pick-pocket while travelling to the homeless shelter where she assists in the kitchen. At the beginning, she felt comfortable in these surroundings at the Convent where the sisters take the vow of silence, but as she's grown older she begins to wonder if she made the right choice. Among some of the other characters is Mother Superior Verena Renate Becker ; a wonderfully loving, yet very disciplined woman who takes Antonia under her wing in the Convent.

A new exciting world opens up for Antonia because, like herself, Mikas is also deaf. These two people, so different from each other, are able to converse in their common language — sign language. Antonia's relationship builds with Mikas to a point where she is torn between her faith and the man she has fallen in love with. However, what Antonia is not aware of is that Mikas is only pretending to be a circus artist and has in fact come to Switzerland to make some ready cash as a pickpocket.

Unfortunately, their affair comes to an abrupt end when Mikas loses his life in an altercation with the police. Shattered by that experience and what she went through with Mikas, it has had a deep effect on her and she now has the feeling that the world has once and for all opened up for her too. Antonia decides to sever her ties with Verena and the convent and travels to the United States, where she applies to study at Gallaudet University, an internationally renowned college for the deaf where she resolves to start a new life among others like herself and pursues her dream at last.

In summary, Antonia yearns for one thing — discover inner happiness. She wants to lead the sort of life that she hasn't been allowed to up until now, or a life she hasn't allowed herself to lead. She does not fit in the place where she is. Therefore, love arouses this interest in her and gives her the courage to make a complete break in her life. You can, perhaps, say that true love is really only true if it becomes the cause of something and when things happen as a result Co-written by director Christoph Schaub, this film is unique in the way it portrays a deaf character.

Of course, the usual communication issues exist for a deaf person, but we see more of need and desire to be among people who are similar. The communication issues can be resolved on the most cases, but the desire to be among your own people, people who are like you, people who don't have the need for things to be explained to them Guess she feels that it is her one-way ticket out of her old life with good intention. One small thing is that the sign language in the film is mostly IS — International Signs.

Same goes for Lithuanian Sign Language. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I laughed for countless times and cried from laughing so hard from time to time. So funny!!!! I cannot believe that this movie was made in I loved it so much that I cannot wait for open captioned version back in America!

Wow, it really hit a home run for me to witness what these people went through before, during and after the Hurricane Katrina. It was more personal than what you might get from news on TV and newspapers. Highly recommended for teenagers or older since the colorful languages are used in the DVD. The apocalyptic catastrophe will strike the rich and the poor, the famous and the humble. You may be a V. In fact, the expression has Biblical roots. They'll find you and you'll wed, and they'll bang you till you're dead, with the bald-headed end of a broom.

It was just above Clarksdale where, during the Great Flood of , the levee broke and water inundated the State of Mississippi. Clarksdale is not only the birth place of a.

In Clarksdale we find the famous Delta Blues Museum. This last verse of the song may be seen as an epilogue and regarded as some sort of a penance from the narrator. He is now in an obedient and remorseful mood and seems willing to follow instructions and leave. The whole scene is somewhat reminiscent of what happened to Lot Genesis 19 who was urged to leave the doomed city of Sodom in a hurry; the city which was on the verge of being destroyed through fire from heaven.

Stealing and looting go on, no matter how high the waters rise. Some have suggested that it may be George E. Lewis born in in Chicago who is a trombone player, composer, and scholar in the fields of jazz and experimental music and a pioneer of computer music. Others say it may be George Lewis who was an American jazz clarinetist who achieved his greatest fame and influence in the later decades of his life. However, if you spell Lew e s instead of Lew i s there is definitely a connection.

So there can hardly be any doubt that George Henry Lewes , a contemporary and correspondent of Charles Darwin is referred to here. George Henry Lewes was an English philosopher and critic of literature and theatre. He became part of the mid-Victorian flow of ideas which boosted discussion of Darwinism, positivism, and religious skepticism. To suggest and to stimulate the mind, but certainly not to supply it with any complete system of knowledge, may be said to be Lewes's main contribution to philosophy.

Protestantism and Catholism, representing the main stream of Christianity, have something in common with Judaism. They all share the Old Testament. The doctrines of the Bible in the Old Testament which declare God, Jaweh, as the Creator of all things and as the Origin of all Species, is denounced by Lewes as something to which you cannot open up your mind. It is like C.

This does not mean that Dylan intends to say that there is no truth in the theory of the evolution of the species. When you accept the consequences of natural selection to the very end, the only truth in the universe is a world, which is driven by mere chance and heartless competition. The result is a disenchanted world without the active presence of an Almighty God who is above all and everything, a God who is always ineffably much more than any theory a man can ever conceive. This result is unacceptable to God and that is why Dylan has Darwin convicted by God.

The irony in the picture Dylan draws is that a world which embraces the consequences of the theory of natural selection is not only battered but in the end even destroyed by its own theory. Fortunately, it is not the law of the jungle but the love and mercy of God that will ultimately win and rule the earth. There is irony too in the fact that it is Charles Darwin himself who is trapped in the flood.

Within his own theory a devastating flood happens by mere chance and enables only the fittest to survive by the process of natural selection. However, by trapping Darwin, God makes it clear that He rules and allows catastrophes to occur and that he is able to intervene in any process, also in the process of natural selection, and use it for His Own purposes.

However, one would rather have expected that Dylan would have had Darwin trapped on Highway But Highway 61 also runs through the Mississippi Delta, which was devastated by the Great Flood of Along Highway 61 a lot of strange and harrowing things have happened. Bessie Smith was killed in an automobile accident on that roadway; Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of Highway 61 and Highway 49; Elvis Presley grew up in the housing projects built along Highway 61 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Darwin would have fitted in very well in this category.

In your imagination you can see it happen quite vividly: Charles Darwin trapped in his carriage on Highway 61, struggling to survive, unable to move on because of the ever rising waters which encircle him and block up the road ahead of him, while at the same time The High Sheriff and his servants close in on him. Highway 5, however, is a long way from the disaster area. Highway 5 stretches from Washington State, down through California, and the only reason I can think of why Dylan chose Highway 5 for this scene, is for rhyming purposes. Jesus is also called Judge in the Bible. But that was not the case, so we have to understand these words in a figurative, metaphorical sense.

Next time, in part 3 of my analysis we are going to take a closer look at the cuckoo and at Fat Nancy, so stay in touch with this website. As always, your comments on this article are highly appreciated….. New York: D. Appleton, vol. This devastating flood caused death and widespread destruction throughout the lower Mississippi Valley, from Arkansas to Louisiana, from Cairo, Ill.

The number of casualties is not known exactly. Historians estimated the death toll at about victims, but deaths due to the following disease and exposure were estimated to exceed 1, deaths. The Flood of affected an area of 27, square miles, about the size of all the New England states combined. The song is full of references to old blues songs and although it focuses on the Great Flood of , it is not entirely restricted to that era, as we will outline below. Dylan was not the only one who composed a song dealing with this catastrophe.

In terms of music the flood aroused a hype which produced a lot of songs depicting the tragedy and, as may be expected, most of these songs had their roots in the blues. Patton was at one time seen as the father of the Mississippi Delta Blues.

Teaching with Weblogs: Vernon God Little

Patton zigzagged between sacred church music and blues. It sounded as if he were some reporter, breaking news of some big catastrophe in a live broadcast, shouting over his guitar as if at any moment he himself could be swept off his feet by the disaster. Dylan's singing on "Down in the Flood" sounds more like a warning; here his voice sounds more like a menace, emphasized by David Kemper's drum rolls at the start of each verse, which sound like a wave of water.

The question is what message the poet intends to convey in this song? I think that the message of the song is that no matter how hard the world is hit by calamities of apocalyptic proportions, the lewd basic instincts of man remain intact. On the ruins of civilization and amidst all the hardships catastrophes cause, looting, stealing and sexual orgies and dissipations go on, as if nothing has happened.

When the water rises night and day you and the threat of flooding comes closer and closer and in the end becomes inevitable reality, you may expect people to help and support one another in this dreadful circumstance. However, during every big catastrophe there are always some people who take advantage of the situation. Some say that "Rock and roll would have never happened without him. Turner's songs rocketed to the top of the rhythm-and-blues charts.

However, his records were sometimes so down to earth and pedestrian that some radio stations refused to play them. Turner's father was killed in a tragic train accident when Joe was only four years old. This tragic accident may account for the dark room in his mind. He began singing on street corners for money, leaving school at age fourteen to begin working in Kansas City's nightclub scene, first as a cook, and later as a singing bartender.

He was very successful and had all the possibilities to go either to the east or to the west. The period between the s and the s was a heady time when Kansas City was sometimes considered the crossroads of the world. This was fueled by the Presidency of hometown boy Harry Truman from through , followed immediately by Kansan Dwight D. Eisenhower from to Kansas City was hit by the Great Flood of causing massive devastation. As said above, the Great Flood of caused massive devastation. Over , homes were lost and , people were displaced. Property damage was estimated at million dollars, equivalent to approximately 5 billion dollars today.

All that is shattered, shaken and broken, all that is ugly, is presented to the nation as the best we can ever produce; it is hung on the wall for everybody to see. When the world is under threat of being wiped out, one may expect that man will repent. But that is usually not the case.

On the contrary, in the Apocalypse, the low natural tendencies of man seem to thrive like never before. This is expressed in various ways in the song. By the way, speed methamphetamine is a dangerous and unpredictable drug, sometimes lethal, representing the fastest growing drug abuse threat in America today. Speed is a potent and addictive central nervous system stimulant, closely related chemically to amphetamine, but with greater central nervous system effects. The first generation of the Mustang Ford was introduced in and has undergone several transformations to its current fifth generation.

It is true, Dylan is indeed a great poet, and the Nobel Prize in Literature should have been awarded to him a long time ago. In private —without his wig — the poet is no pig but a gentle person, who deserves to be treated kindly, as he would treat her. The narrator is now completely stuck. The water rises above his head and many people drown. What was first thought to unbelievable, like a lead balloon, now becomes virtual reality, indicating that the full impact of the apocalyptic disaster will be worse than anyone could ever imagine.

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Vicksburg, Miss. In , it was the 75th Anniversary of the Great Flood of and on March 12th there was a gathering at Vicksburg, commemorating the event.

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As always please feel free to respond to this article. This has one major advantage: it makes this song accessible and palatable to the public at large. The picture that is drawn is in some sort of a way reminiscent of the "Blood in my eyes" video. It is way past midnight, long after closing time and the dim light of dawn is already on the horizon. Why is the poet so frightened of the dawn? He looks as if he is of a retiring disposition, shy and introvert, and he knows that as soon as another dreadful day starts, he cannot escape having to see and deal with people around him, people whom he does not trust and whom he fears.

We must realize that Dylan has never been a member of any church. He can best be described as a stand-alone messianic Jew. The resulting solitary life style which — from a poetical point of view- may be his strength, may make him at the same time — from a Biblical point of view - very vulnerable and excessively pessimistic in matters of faith. His genius is both his strength and weakness. This dream is like a vision to which he hangs on, and although this this dream is in some sort of a way a last resort.

It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. New Living Translation. In the eyes of the poet, everything on earth, even new things, are of a temporary nature and seem meaningless, futile and soon replaced by new things and are in the end forgotten. Ecclesiastes It may be an attempt too to relativize his own work. Charges of plagiarism have dogged Bob Dylan throughout his career. Quite wrongly so! The thrill which new things bring goes by , that moment might have come and gone. In the end he is thrown back on what is left inside of him.

The only thing the poet finds left inside of him is this dream, this hope of God, the bargain he made with God and about which he talked about in his CBS interview , the deal he made with God, only these things enable him to carry on and not give up.


We have good reasons to believe that here Dylan speaks about his relation to God, about his faith in God or Jesus. One of the main characteristics of faith in God is that you have to surrender to God and trust your fate in the hands of God. Man, however, has a natural tendency not to do this and to resist the presence of God in his life. The poet experiences the same thing. However, no matter how often the poet looks away from God, God comes back to him and makes him see again. This line may be inspired by the poet S. Coleridge And now they melt to one deep shade! They for-shadow that something new is coming which will be everlasting.

These words remind us of two Dylan songs. He walks the streets where nobody seems to be going anywhere. He feels completely lost, with no direction home. I think that this feeling may have to do with what we wrote above.

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We wrote that Dylan has never been a member of any church and that he seems to do without the indispensable support of a brotherhood in church. His solitary life style, the reclusion, and the impenetrable personality of his poetic mind make him feel very lonely, as if he is lost in a big crowd, just a number without support from anyone. This song deals with the fragility and decay of life in general. Dylan quite often draws from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Today you may think you can touch and possess things, tomorrow they may have disappeared and vanished into oblivion, there is nothing you really can take for granted under the sun.

Vernon Little as well as Huckleberry Finn is a coming of age story and describes the protagonist's struggeling against society, the media and his single mother. Written in an unfiltred and sharp adolescent-boys-slang, one could be remindend of dialogues adapted from South Park. Some might claim that style and language could be unappropriate in some ways for a classroom. On the other hand the novel offers various topics interesting for teenage students and worth discussing in class as highschool massacres, mass media, US justice system or even more subtile coming of age topics as the relationship towards family, first love and sexual interests.

In this paper a short overview of the novel, its plot, its main characters and the setting is provided as a general basis. The struggle between independence and emotional and material addiction to their parents is well-known by adolescent students and might be an interesting topic they can elaborate on. The media gains more and more influence in teenagers' daily lifes and therefore a critical discussion.

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