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Create a Custom Scent. She's probably already got a prince who she loves She's probably happy Good for her. If she's happy I'm happy" he found it hard to say those last words, why? Back to flashback Sonic blushed slightly and then returned the hug just as tight, he felt so happy yet sad at the same time, he was happy to see her but now didn't want her to leave him, then Blaze spoke but it was through misery yet determination, "I'll find a way back I'll get this thing back to work soon" Tails said.

Blaze reluctantly pulled away Sonic didn't want to let go either but they had to Sonic saw this he felt slightly guilty and didn't want her to leave on a sour note feeling sad, "Point is Blaze, when we come together again we'll be able to have a normal conversation, you know without the whole "Saving the two worlds stuff" cause I want to get to know you" Blaze's smile returned Sonic did feel the same way, "And I you Sonic" she said softly she looked down to see their hands were still clasped together Blaze looked down to the ground as she blushed while Sonic looked to his side blushing as well, they were snapped out of their thoughts when Tails shouted at them.

The machine can't stay on for much longer, it has to shut down Goodbye Blaze" his goodbye was soft and polite. Sonic and Blaze both reluctantly let go of each other and Blaze turned to walk up the mini flight of stairs. She was sad to be going and hearing no last goodbye from Sonic Until she heard Sonic again, "Hey Blaze! Sonic liked hearing Blaze like that and responded.

But as good as it sounds I'm still gonna win" "Hmm we'll see hedgehog" Blaze teased and then they shook hands sealing the deal. The race was officially on. Goodbye Blaze See you soon" Sonic said now slightly depressed knowing it was time. Bye Sonic. Before Blaze stepped into it she finally realized that Sonic was still there, she was about to speak but Sonic beat her to it by hugging her, "See you soon, Ok?

I Promise" Sonic said abnormally soft, Blaze though liked it, and she purred back. Sonic let go of Blaze's hand and she stepped into the portal, and an extremely bright light flashed before Sonic forcing him and Tails to shield their eyes with their arms, almost immediately after, Sonic felt a wet and warm feeling on his left cheek. Then when the light vanished Along with the female feline. Sonic gently rubbed his cheek to see what that feeling was but there was nothing. Seconds passed like minutes both Sonic and Tails were lost for words and actions.

Sonic sighed heavily sort of in acceptance that Blaze was gone, for now unable to come back. No time to just stand around, let's get to work, can't let Blaze get ahead of us. Away from the job. The teleporters here" Tails yelled Sonic looked back still having his grin. Ok you do that I'll get started here," Sonic gave the thumbs up and ran outside and super speed But heading nowhere near to Angel Island and Knuckles, just in a random direction.

Sonic didn't know why, he just felt like He had to run. Just keep on running and running, his mind was confused he couldn't think of anything like his mind was frozen, just stuck in place, he went running through the nearby forest, after a few minutes he suddenly came to a halt, something caught his eye, he looked up to a hill with a tree on top, he felt weirdly attracted to that spot and started to walk towards the top, then the flashback ended.

Whitening out ending Flashback Sonic opened his eyes half way slowly and looked down. The curiosity was still eating at him, he pictured her face in the sky, her turning around having a soft welcoming smile he didn't know why but she seemed Prettier then he had realized before. Thoughts were now racing through his head trying to get a grasp of why he felt this way. I wonder I wanna find out, she probably did that to get ahead in our race. Hm, I guess behind that calm cool exterior hides a plotting feline I wonder how she is. A little too close, "What the?

It's like it's headin this way what kinda star is that? That's not a star that's The ground on top of the hill shook like an earthquake Sonic along with it. Couple of seconds after, everything went calm; Sonic opened his eyes getting ready to put his guard up. He looked over to where he had sat before and there was thick smoke all over the place, he just watched as the smoke began to thin out keeping a keen eye for any sign of a threat, but when all the smoke cleared What he saw was far from a threat.

There, In front of him, standing firm, looking up to the same stars as he had before, was the lilac feline princess. He was awed at the sight and that was only the back of her, he suddenly came to notice how her fur sorta reflected and shone in the pale moonlight, he liked it, better then Amy, way better. Then he heard her speak course she didn't know he was there, her voice was like a beautiful melody to his ears, it had been so long, "I - I can't believe it, I'm actually here, I made it Hmm what a lovely view But it's not as beautiful as when I see Sonic Where is that hedgehog?

But quickly he got a devious idea, he hid back behind the tree and spoke loudly just enough for her to hear in a deep voice, "Sonic? Oh you mean that completely awesome way past cool hedgehog? The one that saves the world so many times? Yeah he's cool alright, man I wish I could be him," he was trying not to laugh from flattering himself, Blaze turned round to of course see no one was there, she got suspicious but didn't show it, "Who's there!?

Do you really know Sonic? Do you know where I might be able to find him? Blaze on the other hand wasn't humored, she ignited her hands. Do not fool me! Or you'll regret it! Calm down, Sonic wants to see you too, but he doesn't want to see you like that" Sonic said keeping the deep voice as well as the act, Blaze's fire died down. How do you know that? Whew that was good, ha ha, should have seen your face The flames were a bit over the top though" him being sarcastic Blaze did think about it and to found it funny. While Sonic was enjoying the hug Blaze let out a piece of info, "I win.

I beat you" Blaze replied now sounding smug and cheekier, "Wha? Not when it was Blaze he lost to. Sonic pulled away still seeing Blaze's victorious smile, "First time for everything blue boy" she said still being cheeky, Sonic didn't mind she had sort of a right to gloat beating him and all, he had an idea. Now come on let's go see Tails, that little guy's been workin non stop on that teleporter, I think he'll be ecstatic to hear he can relax, and then we'll go see the others" Sonic started to walk down the hill but Blaze stayed put. Sonic looked back in confusion, "Wha?

Why not? Sonic remembered, he sighed and gave in, "Alright Where d'ya wanna go? Your place" she said making her choice, "My place? It's kinda cold and I'm kinda tired from the trip" "Trip?

I don't know my way around here. I susspose" She said but she slightly blushed she wasn't expecting him to put it that way. Sonic's trademark smile returned and came back to Blaze, "Well. In that case, I'll give it to ya. In Sonic Style" Sonic started to reach for Blaze's hand.

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Over a few minutes Sonic had slown down for Blaze to relax, as she ran behind him still holding his hand. She liked every moment she had spending time with him her only problem was "if only he didn't move so fast", she just saw green scenery fly past her, she looked up into the night sky seeing the stars glint and shimmer to her view on the ground below, but even they were starting to gradually fly by. She then turned her attention back to the royal blue speeder giving her a high speed trip to his home, she felt the warm soft yet firm grip of his hand, she couldn't help but blush, she was glad he was too busy running for him to notice.

Weirdly she felt like she wanted to slip into daydreams of her and Sonic, but she couldn't, she was interrupted by her blue tour guide, "We are reaching the end of the tour, please mind your step" Sonic said trying to sound like he was on a intercom, before Blaze could react Sonic started skidding to a halt, when Sonic stopped Blaze was still moving too fast and her momentum launched her over Sonic, she somersaulted forward expecting to fall on the ground, but no, next thing she knew she was being caught by Sonic, he landed holding Blaze in his arms in bridal style.

Blaze looked up to his face, her face was blushing bright red, "Th-Thank you" she said calmly trying not to show her blushing emotions show Sonic just smiled softly down to her, "No problem.

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After all it's a tour guide's number one priority to keep the guests safe Not good for business if someone gets hurt Especially if it's a pretty princess" Sonic said in his usual tone. Blaze's face had now gone red as a tomato, she wasn't sure what made her blush more the fact that she was in Sonic's arms or that he called her pretty to her face.

For a quick escape she playfully punched him in the stomach, but just enough to force him to put her down.

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What was that for? But isn't it a bit rude to take a lady's hand without asking" Blaze said regaining her newly found playful attitude, "Whatever happened to the whole I don't like being treated like a princess thing? But I still wish to be respected and treated like a lady And yes a princess and a lady are two different things.

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I don't know much about the importance ladder, a persons a person to me" Sonic said being modest, "Really? Blaze could feel herself starting to blush again, Sonic spoke again, "Yeah I'm kind to everyone, weather they're rich or poor I think that's what your royalty call chivalry" Blaze again was found speechless but she couldn't just stay quiet, "Ohhh someone's a smarty, I would of thought that was a big word for you "chivalry"" She said teasing him.

What's that's supposed to mean? A little posh. Please I'm sorry" she said sounding completely guilty like she was to blame, she knew what she had done, she insulted Sonic after he had greeted her so kindly, "Sorry? Hey we were only having fun,-" "But I-" Blaze Interrupted still thinking she was to blame, "That's what banter is about Blaze, you can joke around with someone and they know you don't mean it I think you been sealed in your royal palace a little too long, there see it's easy. And you can say anything to me I won't mind, and To be honest, that was pretty good for one of your first times," Blaze didn't know what to say she was so confused; Sonic was applauding her for insulting him?

Well anyway here we are, the highlight of our tour, CA SA DE Sonic" Sonic reassured her placing his arm over her shoulder going back to his tour guide like attitude, while they looked at his home, a small hut, she couldn't help but slightly blush again, he was offering to stay in her company and Teach her, how to be a normal girl.

Lesson one, you don't have to bow to say thank you, you just say thanks, okay? Sorry" "and another thing, you don't need to apologize Ok" Blaze said sounding embarrassed for being so clueless, "Whoa Hey, don't worry, everything starts with a single step, it takes time Don't worry you'll be acting like us before you know it.


I don't know, is acting like you a good or a bad thing? It does, it feels wonderful Thank you Sonic Thanks again for the tour". She said, Sonic chuckled, "Anytime, the Supersonic sight seeing tour is always at your service. Preferably the lilac feline type. Ok" Blaze answered nervously, her heart was racing, and she was actually being invited into his home.

Sonic opened the door outwards and stepped aside allowing her to enter first, ""Ladies" first" Sonic said politely putting an emphasis on Ladies, Blaze smiled and stepped forward and through and into the house of the blue hedgehog. It was slightly bigger then it looked from the outside, she looked upon what seemed to be the lounge area with a couch in the centre, to the right of it was a kitchen, beyond the lounge there were 2 rooms which seemed to be the bathroom and the bedroom, she looked up to see a light on the ceiling and a big sky light which showed the star lit sky.

She slowly spun around to get a full view of her new surroundings, she felt sort of hounerd to be in his home, " Sorry" Blaze looked back to see it was Sonic who said that, he had shut the door behind him but had his head down looking depressed, "For what? This is a giant step-down for you," he said feeling guilty not being able to provide the lifestyle that she was used to. Don't be, I like it I really do, it's cozy And I really didn't like giant palaces Too much walking, and I never wanted personal servants I've always been independent Please Sonic don't be sad I don't care, really" She pleaded trying to cheer Sonic up.

Sonic took a deep breath, "Okay, if you say so But if I need to I don't mind being your personal servant for a while".

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He said regaining his normal attitude, "I'm serious" Blaze said sounding serious but yet keeping her playful tone, "I know I'm just sayin" Sonic said showing his confident smile, "Hmm" Blaze murmured giving the same smile back. They stayed silent for a couple seconds and just looked at each other; Sonic suddenly remembered Blaze was his guest.

Sonic went over to the kitchen while Blaze went over to the couch, she carefully sat down trying her best to disturb Sonic's environment as little as possible, she sat up straight and put her hands on her lap immediately going back to her natural behavior when being a guest. As much as she knew she shouldn't but she couldn't resist looking around her. In front of her was a fireplace currently out, above it was a 22 inch TV, surrounding it were loads of pictures, most of them contained him but they were with all his other friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy but he didn't look too thrilled in that picture cause Amy was jumping on him , the Chaotixs, Cream, even one with Shadow and even he was slightly smiling, and many more.

But something caught her eye; a blank space was in the mood board like wall of memories, almost like Something was missing; she scanned round the pictures again and noticed There wasn't one of him and her. She wasn't upset she understood why, they never had the opportunity to have one taken, but she was curious, if that space was for one of her why have a space?

Any picture could take that place, was it really that important to save a space for it? Before she could think anymore Sonic came back with two cups of steaming hot coco in hand, "Here" Sonic said handing her one of the cups, "Thank you" she said taking one and wrapping both hands around it feeling the warmth of the cup. Sonic came and sat down next to her laying back and looked through the skylight but quickly turned to Blaze as she took the first sip of the coco, "How is it?

How did you get here anyway? I used The sol emeralds They transported me here" "Oh yeah I forgot if you're here Who's guarding the emeralds? Wish I could do that with the chaos emeralds" Sonic said sounding impressed, which made Blaze feel better, "So you can keep the emeralds with you anytime, anyplace? That's awesome! Sonic looked to see Blaze blowing her finger which produced steam and her having a smug smile, "Heh Forgot about that" Sonic said feeling embarrassed.

Sonic got back to his feet and again sat down next Blaze and continued to drink their coco. They stayed silent, Blaze gave random glances over to Sonic, she decided to feed her curiosity. What's been going on here while I've been gone? Don't tell me you don't have Christmas over in your world? It's just I never experienced any Christmas events I was always guarding the sol emeralds I never could take time off and enjoy it," Sonic fell silent, without warning he slid closer to Blaze and hugged her.

I didn't know" he said now feeling guilty for not taking her feelings seriously, Blaze couldn't believe what she was feeling, Sonic, a person who was always happy was now blaming himself for misunderstanding her, "It's ok. Sonic, I know you didn't," Sonic took a deep breath and pulled away from Blaze, still feeling slightly guilty. They went back to drinking their coco not speaking to each other, Blaze finished hers first she glanced over to see Sonic was guzzling down the last of his she couldn't help but slightly admire how peaceful and laid-back he was, when Sonic gulped down the last of his coco he looked over to Blaze and noticed her cup was also empty, Sonic stood up, "Finished?

There was an awkward silence between them both not knowing what to say, Sonic suddenly felt tired he stretched his arms above his head and yawned, Blaze thought it was a bit rude "Oh well, that's Sonic" she thought. Think I'll call it a day" Sonic said finishing his yawn; Blaze yawned slightly covering her mouth trying to agree with Sonic, " Hey where ya goin Blaze?

She turned back to see Sonic stood up from the couch. Um" She trailed off thinking of an answer, "Come on Blaze, its late and cold outside and you got nowhere else to stay" Sonic said sounding insistent, "Well I guess I could If that's ok with you" Blaze said sounding nervous, this was turning into one of if not the best day of her life, not only was she in Sonic's world she had been invited into his home and now had been offered to sleep in it. It's not in the Christmas spirit if I leave a pretty princess out in the cold on Christmas Eve" Blaze tilted her head in confusion, "What's Christmas eve?

That would mean everyday is like an eve of Christmas" She started to laugh again Sonic saw it funny and started laughing as well. After a minute they finally stopped and regained their breath, "Alright Time to hit the hay" Sonic said walking toward the bedroom, Blaze not knowing what to do followed Sonic but felt like something else made her follow him. They entered his bedroom, there was a single four poster bed above it was a big skylight like the one in the lounge to the right was a desk and a wardrobe.

Sonic went over to the wardrobe and took out an extra blanket and pillow, Blaze went over to Sonic and grabbed hold of them but Sonic pulled them away from her, "What are you doing? These are for me. Isn't this your home? Wait what? Sonic realized what he just said and tried to avoid it, "Uh Nothing, the bed is yours" he started to walk back to the wardrobe hiding the fact that he was blushing, when he shut it something on top fell into his hair but he didn't notice.

He turned back round to face Blaze when he faced her she laughed, "What? What's so funny? Sonic suddenly felt a wild temptation burn inside, for some reason feeling like he had to do something; he walked back to Blaze and was stuck on what to do, "Hey It's a Blaze moved closer to Sonic to see Mistletoe? Blaze was frozen in place she did know what it meant, her heart was racing feeling it might bounce right out of her chest, she tried her best to speak.